Saturday, 12 February 2011

Movement and The Wheel

For the past couple of days we have had a touch of spring in the air - I can feel it and sense it but today really has been lovely day and it perks you up and makes you feel more more joyful and grateful for the little things in life. An appreciation for the simple things  and just simply for being me. 

The Wheel of life is turning impercetably again - change is in the air.  However as one door closes another one always opens.  Change happens to take you from one situation that does not necessarily suit and causes all sorts of angst  to another that if not exactly right just might be a stepping stone to a much brighter future.  A new learning curve, another piece of the jigsaw or tool for your own personal experience.  There is no better teacher than the school of life. I am a beleiver in that whatever I need is out there its just the locating of that may take the time.  

This lovely spring weather is also  reminder that I need to get the garden sorted in readiness for growing crops in the current months.  I have bought two sets (2 bags of 5 sets) of Rooster potatoes to start chitting.  I aim to get some proper veggies out of the garden this year to supplement the household budget.  Well thats the plan now I have to put it into action.

I had a late night last night not getting to bed before midnight as I was at my friend's home trying to help her with her first set of Minutes that she had taken at a meeting.  I think we got there eventually, but I was tired and it has been a very tiring and wearing week.  However she seems grateful for the time I spend with her encouraging and teaching her how to do things.  My reward is that she is learning and is so full of enthusiasm for each day as a result.  Helping her wheel move forward in her life experience just for a little time effort and attention.  Just think what we could achieve if more of us helped each other rather than just helping ourselves.  Sometimes the most important thing you can give each other is your time and if you take the effort to teach something you learn your subject all over again and reinforce your own knowledge in the process. So really it is a win win situation.

As a consequence of the late night I ended up having a lay in  - I had a rough nights sleep wise as I cannot get comfy with my back and legs and to top all that I developed bad cramp attacks in both legs in the early morning with both legs locking and the only way I was able to ease the pain was by stretching both legs full out a couple of times..  It really is painful and the pain  in my lower torso day in day out does get me down.

Today I have spent mostly up town with my friend.  I have been encouraging her to do more cooking. We went up town ostensibly to look for a slow cooker for her to use on a regular basis so that she can have a nice hot meal ready when she comes home from sitting on Committee Meetings for a local housing association.   We found quite a decent sized one in the end in Wilkinsons for only £13 and hopefully she should get a lot of use out of it.  She only lives in a flat so doesn't have a great deal of room.

( She has recently come out of a long term abusive relationship - her husband putting her down at every opportunity and not encouraging her in her cooking attempts so she had given up in desperation believing she was no good at it.   Fortunately  and  subsequently she has gone on to find happiness with a lovely gentleman who in turn hasn't perhaps had the care and attention he should have had but together they are growing  forging a future and are content with each other.   It really is a lovely thing to see.

It really pains me for people who think they are something to actually "rubbish" other people and put them down - for whatever reason.  They have no right to do this  and it obviously shows something quite lacking in their personality i.e. a control or power thing or severe inadequacey and insecurity which they foist on others.  This is quite often the case with bullies, no matter how intelligent they are.  I am afraid that these people are only out for themselves.  Life has a habit of playing catch up at some point though and although it may be a long fight to get yourself up to the top, its how you do it and how you approach it, because if things go wrong and you end up going down - its a long long way down.  We build our own hell and similarly build our own heaven.

Needless to say my true friends do not fall into this category but tend to be like myself very easy going and nothing being too much trouble for them to do.  Sorry if I have been a bit deep in this post but unjustness and unfairness of any kind tends to get me riled especially with people who abuse their power and know better than to do so.

I am going to put my feet up now and rest as I have been hurting most of the day.  I am finding more and more that I am having trouble coping with stairs going up, but not so bad coming down.  Have lots to do but am not really up to doing it at the moment so will have to rest.

Will catch up soon hope you are all okay wherever you are.  Thank you for popping by 

Take Care





  1. Hope you're enjoying your well deserved rest and feel much better tomorrow. You've been doing a splendid job with your dear friends - I send the couple my sincere best wishes and hope they have a long and rewarding partnership :o) I cannot understand those folk who find pleasure in putting others down, I TRY to 'do as I would be done by'. Life is just too short to be miserable.

  2. Lovely post. The couple in mention are indeed lucky to have you as a friend.



  3. You are absolutely right about no-one having the right to put down other people. Your friend is lucky to have you to help her to rise above what has happened in her past so that she can have a much brighter and happier future. I'm really sorry that you are suffering so much pain, hopefully when the weather warms up you will start to feel much better.

  4. Thank you ladies for your support and kindness. I was bought up by my parents with a couple of cliched sayings one being, see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil. Equally the phrase If you haven't got a good word to say about someone keep quiet, as a friend has a friend has a friend. I think I am too principled at times but some things I just cannot stomach. Fairy nuff better get of my soapbox.

    Take care




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