Monday, 28 February 2011

Pictures of the Big Fella

Tyson my elderly Ginger Tom was in quite a clingy mood yesterday hogging the house.  These are just a few of the photos he graciously allowed me to take.  He is a big cat but very feisty.

He is a lovely old boy tends to snuggle down where he is not supposed to - no bag is sacred.


  1. He's lovely - I like ginger cats, they're nearly always feisty:)

  2. What a gorgeous boy! I think ginger cats certainly have large personalities, ours was a real character too.

  3. I love ginger cats too. I had a female pure ginger as well called Jessie. I claimed her from Wood Green on a visit just to look around.She was 12 years old when I got her had half a tail which was swished around and around when she was annoyed with something; was very vocal and most definitely my cat. I had her for a wonderful 6 1/2 years. When I was sad or unhappy she used to come and snuggle. We had to have her put to sleep the Vet messed around with her for over 8 weeks - I knew something was wrong. I then saw a different vet and unfortunately she had cancer (as well as a wonky thyroid and it used to distress her taking the medication which was not fair on her or giving her good quality of life) she was suffering and it was only fair to have her put to sleep) Even though I have two lovely cats I still miss her - boy did she give you earache.


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