Sunday, 13 February 2011

There is Movement....

There is movement from the OH this time.  He has managed to locate all his tools and the laminate flooring and lets just say things are looking promising - it looks as though we are about to get a floor in the study/cum craft room at long last.  To quote OH he hasn't been able to get on because of a certain little lady who keeps getting in the way and wants to assist (Missy and to a lesser degree Squeak)!  He is now esconced up there with everything to hand , door hinges are also going back on the door (he has located them too) and it looks as if that will be back up by the end of the afternoon.  Things are looking promising.  It will be nice to have a dedicated craft area and space in which to work.  Trouble is now I suppose we will be fighting over it me thinks a rota will have to come into play!

So there is movement - so the timing must be right!

Catch you all soon




  1. Isn't it great when a plan comes together! Happy new flooring ;O)

  2. Hope that your OH got the floor and the door finished. It gives you an extra spurt of energy and enthusiasm when you can see things coming together. Getting your craft room organized will give you extra space elsewhere too from what you've said in earlier posts.


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