Saturday, 5 February 2011

We have heating

Thank you for your kind words.  Much appreciated.
After five days we at long last have central heating again.  Yippee - boy has it been cold.  Trouble is when its cold it always jiggers me up joint wise and gives me an awful lot of pain.  Trouble is I am riddled with it, which means most days I have pain of one sort or another.  It disturbs my sleep as I cannot lay for long on my side or my back and am forever jiffling around.  But we have hot water and the house is nice and warm again. I am so grateful.

Should only have taken three days - the first for doing the radiators and necessary prep work for putting in the new boiler and working out how best to route it through the house, the second getting it installed and the third firing it up.  It was at this point that Houston had a problem.  There is a piece of the boiler that is not a spare part but an integral part of it which is in effect a piece of pressurised metal tubing which is chromed.  Trouble is there was a hole in it which resulted in the gas leaking everywhere.  The plumber was extremely annoyed and got in touch with the people who he had obtained it from which resulted in a site inspection by the manufacturers agent; they came out shook their heads and said it was going to be over  a week before a replacement was obtained.  At this point the plumber really did do his nut indicating how long we had been without heating.  In the end he contacted the people who had supplied the boiler and gave them an ultimatum that they allow him to come and take the part off a new boiler in the showroom and they then obtain a new part for that, indicating that I worked at a solictors office and he ended up getting permission to attend the following morning remove the part and them come and fit it.  He then had to remove the old water tank and plumbing which was at the front of the house and also the old boiler fitting from the kitchen the new boiler having been fitted in the small bedroom.

The plumber came today again to tidy up some more and is to come back again on Monday to commission the system and make sure there are no little problems.  After he went today I  completely washed the little bedroom out got rid of all the dust and it is now all prepped up ready to start decorating.  The thinking is that whilst the room is empty and the house is upside down we might as well take advantage and give it a coat of paint.  It will then be turned into our hobby craft/computer room. The old carpet has had it so that has been dumped and we have laminate flooring to put down as well.  Hopefully we will be able get that done in the next few weeks so that we can get properly organised with our crafts and with the computers.  I now have no airing cupboard as such - we still have a cupboard but it is going to be turned into a cupboard to hang some of my clothes which are currently on a free standing rail in the bedroom as my wardrobe is full so that will need painting out and the relevant fittings will need to be sourced.  This is just the start of things - I still have a lot to do and I need to get the garden sorted out as well.  Oh well one step at a time  But at least I have heat.

Take care


  1. So glad to read you now have heat and all you aches and pains are now getting better now they are all toasty warm.
    This afternoon we have had a LOT of snow, 8 - 10 inches more on top of what we had on the ground. More snow this Winter than we have had in a long time.

  2. So glad your heating is sorted out, sounds as though you have a jolly good plumber there!

  3. What a relief for you and yours. I'm so pleased that you're snug and warm again. I know you've had an upheaval, but just think how great it will feel to have your craft/computer room decorated and sorted. I hope you enjoy the work in attaining it as much as the planning!
    Rose H x


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