Sunday, 24 July 2011

Yesterday n Today

I have few vices in life, but one of them is Food.  I love trying new things, I love being able to go and buy good quality produce or in the event of a limitation on my purse the best | can buy for the money I have available, but one thing I will not do is compromise on flavour as flavour is everything to me and a well cooked full of flavour meal is far memorable than one not so well cooked and lacking in flavour. 

Unusually for me yesterday I did not go to the veg shop but I did got to the Butchers instead.  I have fresh veg I have frozen myself in the freezer that needs using up and as we needed to top up on some meat for simple meals during the week it was more cost effective to deal with matters in this way.  I do prefer fresh veg over frozen but have found that if I freeze veg myself it has more flavour and at least I have the provenance of where it has come from.  That is apart from peas!  I love fresh peas but I am also very fond of frozen too.
We don't eat meat every day, as I intersperse the main meals with quicker simple food like a cauliflower cheese or a casserole etc.  I think all in all we spent £45 at one Butchers - Willowbrook Farm please see here for deals for people local to Peterborough

I came away with a large steak and onion pie, a jar of mint jelly, a tray of eggs, four of their kebabs, 1lb leek and Stilton sausages (I wanted the wild boar but they did not have any so thought would give these a whirl as OH likes Stilton) one of the meat packs that Willowbrook do for £25 which consisted of 1lb mince, 1lb sausages, a joint of pork, two chuck steaks, 4 lamb chops. 4 beefburgers

We also went to Franks the Butchers  [Franks are purely Pork Butchers]   to my mind make the best Pork pies in the Peterborough area - we prefer them over Melton Mowbray pies - its all down to flavour.  So I nabbed a pork pie, a 1lb of their Smoked Back bacon  [this has quite a delicate smoked cure and not over strong as although I like smoked food I don't like it strong] and 1lb of their chipolatas which are to die for.  I use their chipolatas for when I cook sausage and tomato  supper. The sausages as they cook go all sticky but oh they are so full of flavour.  I also use the chips for cooking with the Roast Turkey at Christmas and also their sausagemeat.


Has been a lovely day weather wise here and I have managed to get a lot of the washing out and dried.  I do like the smell of fresh air dried washing.  I have also been pottering around checking out some new blogs and have a general read around all told.  So have been in and out all day.
I didn't cook a roast tonight for some unknown reason I wasn't in the mood to do any cooking today so we have just had a scratch tea.

I am rather mixed up at the moment because the season is telling me that it is much further on  (or at least it appears to me to be) we are in the middle of summer and yet the light on some days has been like that of a late autumn day rather than a summer one  Confused  - I am certainly that, but I have also seen blackberries in the wild round here give it another week or two and it will be worth going berrying.

I did however manage to get the second pick on the blackberries in the garden.  I will relocate the plants when all the berries are picked because these self set plants really are producing large sweeter berries and it would be a shame to lose them, so relocation it is.   I keep finding bits of thorn on my clothing and have managed to get my arms scratched but hey I am well pleased with the pickings.  Think this little lot are going to get turned into Blackberry and Apple pies for the freezer.  Yummy.

I have also managed to crotchet another square to the yellow, green and cream single throw that has been work in progresss for a little while.  At the moment it looks as though this project is going to be one of the quicker ones to complete and as I am running out of wool on some of the other projects I sort of do a round robin  until I can afford to go and get some work wool.

Catch up soon



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