Thursday, 15 September 2011

2011.09.15 My Day

I was back to work yesterday after seven days off work (excluding the weekends). Things have been hectic to say the least and I came home very tired last night; I am tired again today and will have to play catch up at the weekend.  I have also had the physiotherapist again this afternoon who has been teaching me how to control the discomfort in my back and hips with gentle exercises throughout the day and particularly when I am having a lot of discomfort - exercises that can be done discretely without people realising what you are up to.  I must say my Physio Nicky has been absolutely brilliant.  She is pleased with the progress I am making, I have from what she has said today got probably a couple of more sessions with her and she will have given me the tools I need to cope. I am also now level 2 on the exercises that I have to do and I am being a good girl (and contrary to popular belief being good is not an easy thing for me to do).  I am really grateful for her help, her enthusiasm and support.  Nicky (unlike many physios) has first hand experience of what it is like to be a patient and therefore can see the situation from both sides.

It was also my baby brother's birthday yesterday and from all accounts he had a brilliant day - and a Mum birthday cake which he had to fight his son's for.  Everyone in our family loves mum's cakes.

I have also taken a stray pussy cat into the house.  He used to live next door with a young couple who had him from a kitten. His name is Dimitri. They moved and took him with them, and he has come back and has been living wild in the garden since then; although curiously he has always come to me for a bit of a stroke and a cuddle.  He wouldn't eat to start with which I was worried about as he is a little thin for my liking.  I managed to track his original owners down - they didn't seem too keen on having him back as they have another cat which has gone on to have kittens.  I will deal with them in due course.  However, I was worried about the cat  and could not in all conscience leave him out in the recent bad weather especially with the wind.  I have taken him in since the weekend - he can come and go during the day as he wishes, but at night I want to have him in.  To start with he seemed a bit fretful and wanted out but today he has hardly gone out (for a little while this evening  - and he let himself back in again through the bathroom window).   He seems to have been quite content just to lay , roll and be warm.  He just wants a little care and attention and seems pleased to have a bed, be getting grub and being in the warm with fuss in between.  He gets on with my cat Squeak, but we have kept him in the back of the house and have kept him and Missy  (the Jack Russell) apart for the time being.  Missy is used to cats but Dimitri is  Once he settles a bit and gets used to being cared for again I shall then contact his original owners and ask them what they want to do - If they don't want him then I will give him a home, but if that is the case I will have him done (he is intact at the moment) and that might settle him down some more.  He is a grey tabby on top with a white chest and underbelly.  We will see how he gets on, gently gently catch a monkey.  I can't help being a soft touch when it comes to animals.  Squeak is currently curled up fast asleep on the settee

Its not going to be long before I go up to bed; I am tired out and I have another busy day tomorrow - and I have some more exercises to do yet.

Take care, keep safe and warm wherever you may be [hugs to everyone]

Catch you soon


We had a late tea tonight, I didn't want much and when I am tired and don't fancy anything I usually revert to Chicken Dippers with Chilli sauce with chunky chips.  I never eat much anyway.    I did however do a rib eye steak with the chunky chips for OH.


  1. Your new cat story is exactly like my stray cat story, moving young couple not fussed enough to keep their fur baby. Doesn't sound like Dimitri is all that fussed either;-)

  2. Thank goodness for people like you. It annoys me no end that folk have 'pets' and then when the novelty wears off they just can't be bothered. That's how we re-homed ourcat Sid. I hope they still can't be bothered and he can have a permenant home with you Tricia where he will be well loved, spoilt and well cared for.

  3. lucky Dimitri that you are there tricia. I cannot comprehend how people do this- move away and leave an animal. It makes me so angry. That was what happened to Sooty, the black cat i took in. I hope you and Dimitri, and the other animal residents, all have a long happy life together.

    Leanne x


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