Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crafts For Christmas

I popped into WH Smith the other day to look at the Craft Magazines and I could not get near; I had to wander off and come back.  I was only browsing, but already so many magazines are preparing us for making things for Christmas.  A good thing I think, but what pleased me most is that people are having a go and actively enjoying it.  I ended up speaking to a young mother who was returning to crafting after having a couple of years off as a result of having young ones and she was saying that she was so pleased that she was now going to get time to do something that she liked doing.  Not that she loved her children any the less.  I didn't buy any of the magazines, but I may indulge in one or two at a later date but I have come home and had a rootle in my craft boxes and have decided that I am going to do some serious card playing this year and make my own.  After all I have the equipment upstairs.I need to get cracking.

However, when I do get chance to play and look around the Internet I end up finding so many fascinating and useful sites.  Bearing in mind that I haven't necessarily got the money to go and buy patterns etc. I found this particular little site which gives free ebooks and lots of other craft ideas.  Its worth looking around even if you don't decide to use it.

As I find interesting sites will add them to this post, so keep on coming back and if you have found any sites that you think would be of particular interest to others then let us know and I will add them to the list - the more the merrier.

Crafts will do for starters though - oh and by the way some of the sites offer bought patterns I only use them for the free ones which if you register with them you can then download as a pdf file.



  1. Isn't that door garland beautiful, I might manage the smaller 'wreath' on the door or make a circular version - for next Christmas of course ! I'll check out those links, I'm always looking for crafty inspiration.

  2. Oh my, I love the door garland, how stunning is that?

  3. It does look lovely. I have the fir cones for this years efforts I have been collecting them as I come across them. As well as incorporating them into garlands and wreaths you can melt the remains of tea lights and then dip the fir cones in - you can use different colours and sents then either splatter the wax over the cone or dip the cone in the melted wax - lovely fire lighters for the fire and the smell of the resin and the wax really is lovely. you can also use the stems of herbs and dry them in little bundles as fire lighters and dried orange peel. Am I tempting you to play xx

  4. Love ghat door.It's stunning xx

  5. It is rather nice. Am hoping if I get time to try and do something similar.



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