Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Winemaking and Basic PreservingTechniques

With reference to my earlier post this evening, I suddenly thought that I am lucky I know the basics of winemaking, but perhaps some of you out there don't really know where to start.    A few weeks ago I referred to a book called the Preserving Book that was on offer with the Book People at the moment.  It is a Dorling Kindersley Book (approved by the Soil Association), therefore beautifully produced with clear instructions.  The ISBN of the book is 978-1-4053-5985-6.  The original price of the book was £16.99 but I obtained mine for £6.  That book which  I ordered from the bookman at work has arrived safe and sound  and I have received it today and I must say this has some lovely recipes in.  However what I am taken with is that this book referred to in my post here covers basic techniques for:

Natural storage (i.e. hanging, claming and storing in boxes/stores)
Drying (in the oven, dehydrator and air drying)
Freezing including freezer jams and pickles
Sweet Preserves Jams, conserves, curds, Fruit Cheeses, butters, marmalades, jellies and making your own pectin, candied peel, crystallised fruit
Savoury Preserves - Relishes, chutney and pickles
Bottling: Fruits in syrup, cordials, syrups and ketchups, sauces, fruits in alcohol
Preserving in Oil: vegetables, olives, cheeses
Salting, curing and Charcuterie: salting, wet curing methods for both meat and fish and charcuterie, dry curing, wet curing, sausages, chorizo
Smoking:cold smoking hot smoking, smoking in a wok
Brewing beer and wine making: beer, cider and wine

In my opinion it is a good book to start with for the beginner (but also the more experienced cook) - especially if you are new to any kind of preserving and gives you simple recipes to try with step by step instructions.  My main reason is for the recipes however, there are some bits that I haven't tried so it would be a good reference point to start with.

Hope this helps




  1. Hello Pattypan,

    Hope all is well with you - seems like you're continuing to keep yourself busy!

    We've not long been back from our trip, but will send you an email about nettles soon...

    Kay :)

  2. Hi Kay and Sime

    Nice to see you back hope your trip went well. Get yourselves settled and sorted and I look forward to hearing from you when you get a minute. Just take things steady.




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