Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Evening

 It is still cold and miserable here in Peterborough and the wind is howly and gusty this evening. I eventually got Demetri the Scallywag in wet, tired and hungry, he has stuffed his food down him and is now flat out not very far away from me or Squeak.  I haven't got the television on and its nice just to sit and be.

We had a late tea this evening, but it was delicious none the less.  I also made a tray of individual Yorkshire Puddings and they came up light an airy - made a dozen  - I note that OH has snaffled seven of them!   I have only had the two. They are quick to make and I don't mind as long as he enjoys his grub.

Not long back I made some vanilla buttercream to sandwich one of the Victoria Sponge cakes I made earlier on (and which came up very well) .  And sprinkled it just with icing sugar.  Gave some to OH for his pudding and I also had a slice - very tasty - and I am well pleased with the sponge.  I have some playing about to do sort of experimenting before I post the recipe as it is a batch recipe which I used to use ona regular basis well over 24 years ago,  out of which you can make several different cakes.  My camera charger is still missing and so when I do finally do a post I want to be able to photograph the evidence so that you can see what you are missing.  The little cup cakes have come up well tooand it does not cost too much to make.  I just wish I had a bigger kitchen in which to store all my kitchen bits and bobs (half of them are stored elsewhere) so when it comest to making something I have to dig the required tools out first which often leaves elsewhere untidy!  Its after times like today when I get to play that  I wish I didn't have to work and could do these homely things on a regular basis.  Its what I am aiming for a simpler gentler way of life - not one necessarily without hard work, but a different way of approaching things altogether.

When I think of alll the baking that my Nan did for the family, there were meat pies, fruit tarts, treacle tarts, apple pies, sausage rolls, coconut cheesecakes, school boys ear holes (jam tarts) crumbles, scones, bread, couple of sponge cakes, butterfly cakes a couple of tea breads (fruit loaves) to serve with cheese, supposedly to last the week, but Nan often set too and did a little extra half way through. There was always something in the tins to eat, and although my grandparents were  hard workers all of their lives and not materially rich, they were rich in other ways and we always ate well.  My Nan was a great one at making something out of next to nothing.  I do miss them especially on Winter days when we used to go to my grandparents and sit and chat by the fire.  A gentle silence which has left cozy memories.

Right I am off to tidy up a little I have had a little accident with the icing sugar and I don't want it trampling all through the house.

Take care wherever you may be and keep safe.

Catch up with you all soon.




  1. Sounds like your Nan and mine were much the same, always home baking in the tin - she was the one that gave me a love of baking and I still remember helping her weigh and mix ingredients kneeling on a stool because I couldn't reach...happy days!
    By the way 'school boys ear holes' made me laugh :o)
    Rose H

  2. Reading about all that food is making me hungry!

    Have a good week Pattypan.

    Love Kay :)

  3. Hi Rose

    My Nan was the family Matriarch and you didn'argue with her!- but a very good plain cook and her food was always tasty. "School Boys Earholes" is what my father used to call Jam Tarts. If you think about them when the jam, does not settle in them properly they do look a bit that way!

    Take care and have a good week



  4. Hi Kay and Sime

    Hope it did not make you too hungry we like our food although don't just eat for the sake of it.

    Hope you have a lovely week too - starting to get lighter at nights which is something. Been bitterly cold here again today.

    Take care and look after yourselves.




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