Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Evening Catch Up

Its been a cold day here in Peterborough, and as per usual I have plenty of layers on to help combat the cold; although unusually in work this morning I had a hot session and had to strip off the thick cuddly jumper I was sporting; in retrospect I am not sure that was the right thing to do as I now seem to have the beginnings of a sore throat. Just what I did not want.  I think another early night cuddled up under the quilt with my hot water bottle is in order I ache also so a couple of paracetamol should help together with the warmth from the hottie bottie. The cats are already out for the count snuggled up in their blankets.

We are still without the car  - although we are hoping that it will be done and dusted by the weekend.  The gear box has arrived and we have been without it about 3 1/2 weeks.  I hope it is ready soon as it is Mother's Day this weekend and I would like to get to see my mum as we have not seen her for a few weeks.  As our parents get older our time with them becomes very much more precious and valuable.  After all we only normally have one set of parents if we are lucky.

I went to see my friend this evening; her partner has just been diagnosed with Diabetes and he is not handling it very well; but it is early days and I think he will come round to her way of thinking before too long.  It is a natural reaction when you have just had the finger pointed at you and told that you are different and have something wrong and it takes a little adjustment, but time usually takes care of this. 

 It would appear that her cat Mr Tiddles has had a visitor today and that they played very nicely.  It would seem that Demetri has introuduced himself and was quite put out when my friend called Mr Tiddles in.  He is getting about a bit, but is normally coming when I call him at night.  He is curled up fast asleep on his blanket as we speak

We have had meat balls in home made passata sauce with spaghetti for tea - it went down a treat but I dished up far too much for myself and then could not eat it. [eyes bigger than belly syndrome] but they were still delicious.

Tomorrow night we are having home made chicken curry; which I will make after I get home.

It has been lovely coming home in the light rather than the dark; it is a good mile plus of walking for me to get to work and then back again so I am getting plenty of exercise, but also plenty of aches which the cold weather seems to have triggered again.  It is bitterly cold outside  again tonight; a nice clear night where we can see the stars; I wouldn't be surprised if we had a frost again, but at least it is nice and warm in the house at the moment.

I am going to go off up and get some shut eye; what on earth is coming over me early nights unheard of; I am normally more the Owl than the Lark.

There is a lot of changes in the air again; and this time of year I always get itchy feet;  wanting to do more things, travel more etc.  It always puts the mockers on things when there are not enough pennies available to extend to something like this; something to look forward to.  I always putthe itchy feet syndrome down to the sap rising!  My darling father was just the same.

Hope you are keeping well and looking after yourselves

Take care till I play catchup again



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