Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello everyone

Just a quick pop in to say hello and I hope everything is well with you.It would have been my darling father's birthday today, so I have been quietly remembering my father today as I know have my mother and also my brother. Things have been slightly hectic here for the past couple of weeks and it looks as though the next few weeks are going to be equally distracting too.  My Mum has her operation on the 14 June the day before her birthday;  she has a form of skin cancer and surgery is being carried out on a day surgery basis, but she is going to be incapacitated as she is not only having  a skin graft on her lower leg but will be released sporting a plaster cast.  She has to keep her leg elevated for about a week, (apparently the skin graft is on a difficult place for it to take so she has to be careful) and as she is not too clever in moving around anyway; so  I have decided that I am going back home to look after her for a few days until she finds her feet again and I am happy that she can be left to her own devices.  It will also give me a few days of much needed rest and I aim to take some of my UFO's with me to keep me occupied.

At the moment I have a pile of ironing on the go and I am watching TV.  This recent hot weather has given me the urge to be down by the sea having a paddle and rock pooling and finding pretty shells and pebbles.  I have always been an inveterate collector and I have always loved sea washed glass and seen a use or beauty in simple things  Hopefully I will get to indulge later on in the year I am afraid the inner child is starting to flex her muscles yearning for such childish pleasures.

I am hoping to get a post or two done over the weekend; I am itching to get going again.

Hope life is treating you well my friends wherever you may be

Take care




  1. Hope all goes well with your Mum and that you enjoy the changed surroundings as much as you can, under the circumstances.


  2. fingers crossed that all goes well xx as your mums birthday is 15 June that makes her my twin... so wish her a very happy birthday from me xx

  3. I hope that your mum is soon better and making a complete recovery. I bet shell be delighted to have you looking after her though. (((HUGS))) Jennie xx

    P.S. I hope you get to the seaside too.

  4. Best wishes for your Mom, and a speedy recovery, oh! and happy birthday!
    Trishia, it'll be good to spend time with your Mom.
    Rose H


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