Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Home Alone

I am at home today  - as I have to go to the hospital later on with my Mum to give her some support and make sure we understand what is going on (sometimes Mum doesn't always hear things properly and on this occasion she has asked me to be there which I am more than happy to do). I therefore booked the day off so that I can potter at home somewhat before going up to the hospital too get things sorted.

We have a lovely sunny morning here in Peterborough and it is lovely to see the sun; the breeze is slightly cool but it is still a lovely day.  I have the animals with me and at the moment all is well with Missy.  For the past two days she has been left at home alone and according to the neighbours she didn't stop barking the first day (she has never been left home alone before - she has always been with us) and so this leaving her she has not taken too kindly to. I received a phone call at work from the neighbours as they were concerned they could see the dog but could  not see any movement from my OH and thought he had been taken ill (their concern was appreciated) and so in the evening OH went to see them to explain what was going on. They agreed with us that she has to learn to be on her own, but equally if it is getting too much we will put in place alternative methods, but they reported yesterday she wasn't too bad with the barking and the howling.  However apart from that OH left his coat on the coat rack; we think she jumped up at his jacket because she could smell his scent and wanted some comfort and has ended up ripping the jacket to bits!  We have kept this so that she can when we go out snuggle up to it.  (we are hopeless cases)

 Today and at the moment she has me with her but is glued to the back of the settee waiting for her "Master" to return she is a sun worshipper anyway and is pointedly still looking for him but sunbathing as well. (In the meantime Squeak has laid claim to the damaged jacket and is curled up fast asleep).  Me thinks these animals have their humans well trained I think OH and I are the daft ones not them!  But hey they are part of the family after all and for the best part they are all relatively happy.

So I am at the moment Home alone/doing my Marlene Dietrich impression  (well kinda of) and enjoying some space for myself it will be a kinda pottering sort of day but sometimes those are the best sorts of days and I am just going to let it evolve.

I hope you are all having a sunny bright day and that everything is tickety boo in your world

Catch up soon




  1. Love that saying tickety boo - must be an English one as I have never heard it before, although I am sure the meaning is - all well and good.


  2. Hello - not read all your posts but read that you have a dog with separation anxiety. Our dog took about 3 months before he adjusted to being left. There are various sites on the internet that tell you how to help them adjust so that they don't think they're being abandoned. Barking and howling is a sign of separation anxiety and is very distressing for the dog. (Noisy for the neighbours too!) The trick is to leave them for very short periods (start at one minute , then two, then three etc)so they get used to the idea that you're going to come back. If the barking/howling starts again back track and start from the beginning. It takes time and lots of patience. Good luck.


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