Friday, 11 May 2012

Little things mean a lot

I am feeling very chuffed with life at the moment; fingers crossed things seem to be on the up - well at least they are looking brighter,  I am in serious play mode on the crafting front  (but I am behaving myself I haven't started anything new) but I have been buying a few odd items here and there not very expensive and only indulging when I have a couple of pounds to spare so I am being sensible and the items I am acquiring don't cost much, but collectively together they are going to build up into useful bits for projects for the future that I want to try, but they are also giving me different ideas on top of that as well.  Buying a little at a time is also making me be more patient whether I really want to be or not.  What has spurred the most recent surge on the crafting front is that in my local John Lewis store one of the girls has made up a Union Jack cushion with braid with words on which looks very effective.  Come pay day I am going to treat myself to a couple of reels of this ribbon and have a go at producing a fabric Union Jack cushion(s).

We are very lucky here in Peterborough as the market has ever since I was a small child sported a habdashery stall originally the Button Boutique; it them moved into a shop of its own from the market stall and then sadly closed; but the market stall still exists but not known as the Button Boutique as it has different owners.  They only stock a few bits and bobs and the other week I managed to get 10 metres of tape for making some bunting for £2.  They sell three standard reels of sewing cotton for £1.50 for the three reels.  I have been there today and had a bit more of a mooch than I usually do and I have come away with 10 small heart shaped buttons in lilac at 6 pence a button and 20 round lilac buttons.  I have in the past seen miniature wire wreaths decorated with little buttons and then hung as decorations/trims to the house either for birthdays or for Christmas.  Those buttons were 3 pence a button and at these prices I aim to get a few more trimmings.  I paid about £1.20 for the buttons.  They also had a box of mixed ribbons of different descriptions at 5 bundles for £1.50 and I have come away with 3 x 2 metre bundles of a good inch wide broad ribbon in a wonderful spring green, one in gold of the same width and then a ribbed pale yellow ribbon with spots on.  This will come in very useful in due course as I do use a lot of ribbon in my crafting with ribbon weaving being one of my favourite pastimes although it is fiddly, but it does look very special.

These little bits and bobs are just simple things and probably not of any consequence to anyone else, but with a little bit of ribbon or lace even a few skeins of embroidery thread and some embroidery stitches can be made into something very special; but it is the possibilities which really excite me as there is so much scope. 

I also intend to obtain some Calico as I want to have a go at doing some candlewick embroidery.  I have a very good book on the subject and I want to have a play and see what I can produce.

Colour as bright as possible has very much been a theme for me this week probably because we have had so much rain and we are still in drought.  I was bought a rainbow coloured cream jug and sugar bowl by my friend for my birthday present which is lovely and I would like to get the mugs to match it is so bright and cheerful.  I still cannot find the camera which is driving me nuts.

However I have also been on Attic 24 drooling at the wonderful crotched bedspread done in all wonderful colours.  This one is going to have to be one very much for the future please see the link here 
if you scroll down a bit, it is absolutely gorgeous and looks so snuggly and comfortable.  Its on the wish list as I just love comfy.

But I am content I have a few things to play with together with some other bits I had already got, and since bringing today's buys home I have also had another couple of ideas/possibilities but I am going to need some more buttons for that.  It is true that it is the little things that mean a lot.

I hope life is treating you well wherever you may be and that you too are also getting pleasure from simple things like me.

Catch you soon




  1. All sounds good Pattypan!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Kay :)

  2. It's great when a small outlay can bring such pleasure :o) Happy crafting!
    Rose H

  3. It is the little things isn't it?



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