Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Writers block

I seem to be suffering from writer'block at the moment and don't seem to be able to convert what few thoughts I do have into words and get them on to paper. I have lots of ideas - the words will come given time.

I am okay although I have had a nasty sickness bug the past few days, but today is a new day,  the sun is shining and I have a few monents grace in the peace of the ehouse before setting off to walk to work. It is always manic first thing with dealing with letting out the animals getting them fed, then there is OH getting him all sorted and ready for work so it is always nice to get a few minutes to myself which isn't always possible.

The sun is out the temeperature is warming up a little and I hoping for some warmth to ease the ache in my bones. The sun when it shines always makes me feel so much more positivie.  I wish you wherever you are a lovely day.

Pattypand xxx


  1. Worry not Tricia, it happens to us all! Glad you're feeling better but the sunshine does help no end :o)
    Rose H

  2. Hope you are well over your sickness bug and have been enjoying the lovely warm weather. At this time of year I'm often too busy actually doing things to write about them and sometimes, just like you, I can't think of anything to write. Inspiration will strike again soon though so don't worry - just make the most of the sunshine and the long, light evenings.

  3. Thanks for your kind thoughts ladies much appreciated

    Hope life is treating you both fairly and well




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