Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello Ladies and Gentleman

This is the first time that I have had internet access since being at mum's.  Mum is doing well considering although finding it difficult to sit as the Doctor has ordered doing absolutely zilch with her leg raised on a stool.  She has been quite uncomfortable and sore bless her.  She is starting to improve; It has been nice to spend some quality time with her for a change, although I wish it was under slightly different circumstances.  I have been taking advantage of her skills in the frugality department and also the crafts department so have made the use of my time away with her.  I have managed to finish the blue and white throw that I started a little while ago, which is for her to throw over her legs to keep her warm whilst she is sitting.(think she is quietly chuffed with this)  I have also been driving her mad with me learning to knit a baby's jumper.  I am more used to hooking (crotchet) than knitting and so far it has been a strong learning curve from my point of view but I am getting there.  My step daughter is due a little boy at the end of September/October  and I have three or four friends who are having babies a little later on so I am endeavouring to knit a little something for each of them.    Photos will follow on later on in the year after everyone has received their little something as I think it will be that little bit more personal and from the heart.  [There is nothing more wonderful to celebrate than that of new life.  Sadly I end up being aunty or looking after other people's children] So two out of four items I brought with me (part of the UFO collection) are done or on the way to completion - it will be nice to reclaim the drawer in which they usually reside and I intend to get all the UFO's completed in due course.  There are of course lots of things I want to have a go at but I am sticking firm on getting the UFO's finished before I start anything new for myself.

Its been a beautiful day here in Deeping today (and I have loved being back in the village where I grew up although I haven't been out and about much) we have spent most of the day in the conservatory it has been warm and it has been a lovely evening too.  I have watered up the garden for mum from the water butt at the back of the shed and the tomato plants in the greenhouse three of which are designated to come home with me.  I love home grown tomatoes don't think you can beat them.

Right I have to go and get mum settled; its still light here, but then we have longest day this week on Thursday and then from thereon after the light starts gradually to diminish.  

I hope to catch up again at the weekend

Until then take care, keep safe with love and light



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  1. Glad to hear that your mum is doing well after her op. It's good that you are managing to get some crafting done and learning from your mum as well.


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