Sunday, 13 January 2013

Morning Mazaawatti Time

Morning everyone boy was it a cold un last night. So much so I cooked we had cod, home made chips and mushy peas followed by treacle sponge and custard.  Warmed us up a bit on a very cold evening

This morning have woken up to what looks like frozen roof tops (this morning it is cold but slightly warmer than last night) but on closer inspection it looks like a very light sprinkling of snow, hardly perceptible and OH confirmed that whilst he was out with Missy that it had indeed been snowing very light tiny flakes but still sno.  As a result I have had a look at the weather forecast today we may or may not get snow showers today but tomorrow looks as though it is definitely on the agenda. Oh well in for a penny in for a pound after all it is still winter.  Needless to say that the animals are all in cozy and warm.  A certain Demetri had managed to let himself out overnight he is now snuggled down on the settee

So far a laid back weekend, a gentle pace where I have been concentrating on my needle crafts, still no end to do, still no finished items but hey it will happen.  Lots of good solid work done though, many more weeks to come but at least I feel as though I am starting to deal with things. and moving stagnant/stopped situations forward by focusing and doing bite sized achievable chunks of things rather than overwhelming myself with what I do actually have to do.   I have been predominantly doing  crotchet, concentrating on one of my many blankets that I have on the go.  In reality it will probably be the end of the year before  this particular blanket is finished as I am budgeting on the wool at so much a month as well.  Its a cream aran wool blanket that is just worked in rows of double crotchet and then topped off with a satin padded binding.  Well that is the idea.  Its a large super king blanket which always take a time to work   It is easier doing crotchet during the week.  My intention is to try and do a couple of big blankets a year as I am always extremely conscious of trying to keep warm and snug and besides I love home made crotchet  snuggly blankets/throws as well as knitted ones.  I should have a nice stack of snugglies once I have all the current crotchet blankets and knitted rugs out of the way.  The other reason I do lots of crotchet is that it keeps my hands going.  I  will have a show and tell when I get a project out of the way.  I  suspect the way things are going I will end up with a couple of projects concluded at around the same time.  I have also promised my mum I will make a couple of lap throws for her to pass on to some relatives but they will not take much working when I start to work them come pay day.

However I intend to tackle some of the cross stitch items as well.  The two rose cross stitch projects I showed earlier in anticipation of getting on with these items I have been and had the cross stitch charts blown up so that I can see what I am doing more easily and then get these two pretty projects out of the way.  So I am getting organised as I really do mean business where the UFOs are concerned and I am keen to maximise the time that I do have available to me.

Right its cold enough for a Mazawatti coffee.  I am going to get the cafeteire on the go and then add a tot of rum to the finished article. We always used to have this when we went to my Nan's.  Happy days and the rum really does warm the cockles of your heart.

Right upwards and onwards will try and pop back later on.




  1. Just the opposite weather for us in South Western Ontario, record high temps. My thermometer registered a high of 13.3*C in the last 12 hours. But this will be short lived, cold and more seasonable weather on the way, as you say, its still winter.

  2. Hi Patricia

    Proper cold January weather here today. Sun has come out to play late in the day but nice to see it all the same. I am afraid I am keeping in the warm as a tad too cold for me at the moment; but at least you have a little warmth for a little while always warms the soul.

    Take care




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