Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Simple Things

 Good morning

First of all may I say welcome to Tracy of 
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Well its going back to work day for the New Year - bit of a shock to the system, but hey its all a means to an end and I can always have a lay in on Saturday morning.  A short week this week - next week will be a bigger shock, but am going to have to get back into the new groove and try and look after myself in the process.

After all the rich food that we have had over Christmas I knew I had to have breakfast this morning but I did not fancy anything much; but as it will be a long day - and I think I am out tonight as well (it will be around 10:00 pm before I get in tonight officially and I shall grab a sarnie before I leave). I therefore opted for a very simple breakfast that will do me good.  Sometimes I miss breakfast which is not good for you so I want to establish a new habit for this New Year especially as I am on long term medication.  I quite frequently take an Actimel before actually eating anything and before having my medication as it helps put a lining on my stomach and helps my system absorb the medication a lot better and helps prevent any sensitivity to that medication and then having to be changed on to a new one.

OH has been suffering with a bad cold - I have the sniffles and I am hoping he hasn't passed it on and therefore I have had quite simply wholemeal seeded toast spread with butter and local Lincolnshire honey - proper set pale coloured light honey from an independent grower and it was yummy. 

If you buy honey from the larger producers they blend all the honeys together but this jar came from our local butchers and an independent grower so the likelihood is that the honey came from one particular hive and at £5 a jar but that jar will last a while and have so many uses. It also bought back a few memories of being in the kitchen at my Nans all of us tucked around her tiny kitchen table with  bowls of thick porridge and thick hunks of home made bread which had been toasted on the Rayburn and Pops home produced honey. Rich days in many respects - my grandparents were not fiscally rich but boy were they rich in so many other ways.
with knowledge and with food.

So this morning I have broken fast well with something simple that will do my system good all natural food that has not been over processed.  Simple food that is uncomplicated and filling and does not take long to do.  We should always eat breakfast every morning as it is as it says breaking fast; it also helps kick start us for the day to come helps to stoke up the proverbial boiler.  Just because it is simple doesn't mean it should be overlooked simple can often be the best.

I hope you all have a good day.

Catch up soon


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  1. Happy New Year lovely.


    Kimmie & Heartpoet


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