Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pork Chops

Its a bit hit and miss but sometimes I manage to get a real bargain or two on the meat front from my local Co-Op.  Last night I found a pack of three pork steaks/chops for £1.50 together with a bag of pre-prepared mixed veg for 50 pence.  So that is what we have had for tea tonight.

I cook the pork chops in a medium sized baking tray and add a little water to the pan and put a lid of foil onto the baking tray as much as to keep the Pork chops moist although they will go golden brown under the foil I always given them a few minutes extra without the foil as well and the chops cook in their own fat.  I use gas mark 5 and cook for about 45 minutes.  I then use the juices from the meat and from the steamed veggies (I always steam my veggies) to make the gravy and served the veggies  (carrot, broccoli and cauliflower) together with steamed curly Kale and mashed potatoes and home made apple sauce.  It was scrummy.

A very tasty and warming meal on what has been a perishing day  - substantial food to keep the  proverbial boiler stoked up.

I also managed to get two packs of mince (normally £7 for two packs) for £3.00.  We have Cottage pie with a deep layer of grated cheese over the potatoes and mince to have either tomorrow night or on Thursday (think will be Thursday as I have a lot to  do tomorrow) to be served with veggies but for tomorrow evening I think we will be having home made Spaghetti Bolognese using one of the tomato sauces I bottled earlier in the year,. some garlic, mince, onion and a can of plum tomatoes  served with Spaghetti so that should make a tasty quick meal so that I can get stuck in with the housework.

i Have plenty of veg in the fridge at the moment so some of this could end up in a soup or two which is not only warming but very filling especially with a hunk of bread.  I do need to get some more carrots though and some coriander as I am quite partial to Carrot and Coriander Soup. It might be a good one to make in my new Steam Blender from Hotpoint which  I have brought principally for making soup but which also blends and cooks veggies and chicken saving having to use the hob.  But then again there is a mixed veggie one too which is speaking to me at the moment.

OH quite likes Pork chops just fried and served with baked beans however this is not really my kind of a meal and hence the veggies.

Hope everyone is well.

Catch you soon


So  was quite pleased with the bargains which have gone to feed us both cheaply and sensibly this week without too much rubbish.

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