Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Blowing a Hooley and Knitting

Well the wind was really rough here last night swirling and crashing and blowing and making a right ruccous.No doublt it was like that for everyone else too.   I just hope everyone is safe and okay.  No doubt there will be some damage somewhere down the line.

I found a pattern a knitting one on Pinterest last night and so I have started knitting myself a small scarf in a new to me pattern known as basket stitch I am knitting it up in cream. wool.  Just a sampler really (one that I can pick up and put down) but the pattern could be useful in the next year especially with me going along the home made path for next year for Christmas presents(well that is the intention).  The pattern is a free one off Ravelry and it also has a matching hat.  I had originally seen the inspiration for a scarf with this pattern as I had clocked a scarf I liked in John Lewis but they wanted £30 for the pleasure just for the scarf.  I could not find my right sized needles (I do have them just cannot locate them so used a size and a half different.  Will be firmer tension with proper needles but as a sampler scarf it is knitting up well  - well it is for me as I am not a knitter. I am keeping  paper chart though so that hopefully I do not get lost.  Well I am having a go and I have knitted about 12 inches of an evening.  I must get neater with my casting on though.

I thought it I knitted a few up come the New Year and popped them up I would be well on my way with the Christmas pressies.  I must allow myself as much time as I can.  Quite fancy this little scarf in a coffee colour for myself as well.  I love the cosiness of wool.  I also intend to get stuck into some beadwork again.  I really do need to concentrate on this but that is another way of providing some nice individual artisan presents.  I am not what I call a real good knitter but I am hoping to get to grips with the casting on a bit  - I have spoken to one of the girls at work and she has told me to use a smaller needle for casting on - tension goes all over the shop on the casting on but it is not too bad on the main part.

Whilst I was knitting  I fell asleep in a heap though  and it was 1.30pm before I came too.  By that time the wind had calmed somewhat.

Well I hope you have an interesting day wherever you are.

Keep safe and catch you later.



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  1. Look forward to seeing your scarf, its a good idea to make gift throughout the year rather than chasing your tail and getting in a panic :-)


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