Friday, 13 November 2015


I left Missy all snug and warm this morning sprawled quite comfy apart from the collar although she seemed comfy.

OH got home this evening one Jack Russell upstairs, one collar downstairs on the settee.  I don't think she likes it.

She has been bundled back into it much to her frustration but we don't want anything happening to that eye.  So she is going to have to persevere.

She goes back to the Vets next week for a follow up - it may be that they will take it off - lets hope she learns how to drive it  a bit better in-between.  How she got out of if we are not sure but she did.

Its very cold here to what it has been.  Walking into work this morning I noticed a difference as by the time I got into work I could not feel my tootsies.

Needless to say the heating has gone on to get the house a little bit toastier.  Just wish I had a log fire or two.

On that thought I am off to potter.

Catch you later.




  1. Kara couldnt manage with a lampshade at all and Sol went balistic when one was put on him, it terrified him so much he stood in the corner shaking and wet himself he kept running backwards to get away from it so much he was in danger of hurting himself, so I took it off and he was very good with his eye, if I saw him going to rub it I just had to say leave and he did, I hope Missy settles with her lampshade there is another alternative a donut collar you could make one.

  2. Hi Dawn she is getting very frustrated with it - is still trying to remove. We can keep an eye on her when we are with her but when either one of us is at work it is not so easy. She is back at the vets this week so we are hoping that he will let her take it off when she has had a check up. x


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