Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Its been a bit busy since I got in this evening.  We have had minted lamb steaks and home made mint gravy with mashed potato, shredded steamed cabbage, peas, carrots, Brussel sprouts and it has gone down very nicely.  There is some veg left which is going into the fridge.  I will also do mash and probably some more cabbage tomorrow evening as well to accompany the stew and no doubt there will be some veggies left so I will turn those into some bubble and squeak cakes.  Its absolutely freezing out there and I have put the heating on because it is too cold.  I am just having a minute and I am going to go through to the kitchen and get a home made stew started for tomorrow nights tea.  If it is going to be this cold we need food to be hot and steaming and so it feeds us from the inside out.  Might even make a few dumplings to pop on top.   I am not keen but OH is particularly fond.

I have some carrots, parsnip, swede, onions and potato to pop into the stew.  Popping potato in helps thicken the stew.  There is always plenty of gravy left and that can soon be mopped up with some home made bread.  I have one on in the bread machine at the moment.  You don't ever waste the gravy.  OH is going to be late tomorrow evening as he has to go and see the Vet at Newmarket  with Missy - hopefully she will come home without the collar  - it is still getting on her nerves and she is still trying to remove it.  He will be later in than me.  Might even do some stewed plums with some custard for pudding.  Winter evenings scream out for a pudding as well. 

Oh and I am into my thermals already.  For those of you who want to invest in some thermal undies, Primark  in the ladies underwear section are selling thermal long sleeved tops and the leggings for £5 apiece in white, blue and black.   I have found that if I am not warm that is when I have the most pain and so I am trying to keep myself as toasty as I can.  The vitamin pills seem to be helping me a lot.

Do not think I will get chance to fall asleep this evening whilst knitting.  Hopefully I will get a chance to do a little later on just to relax for a bit.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe.

Catch you soon.



PS just been out and its even colder than it was earlier I can hardly feel my hands.  It was bliss to walk into a nice warm house.



  1. the temperature is starting to drop although when I walked the dog I was feeling rather warm and had to unbutton my coat, glad you have your thermals, its going to be a nippy week end :-)

  2. Hi Dawn

    I understand he forecast is not good for the weekend OH was muttering about snow. We have been lucky so far with it being so mild compared to other years but I have a feeling we are in for a bad January. I have a self-seeded holly bush in the front garden and it has absolutely loads of red berries which is the country way of saying the winter is going to be bad as nature provides food (ie the berries) for the wildlife to eat. Its a long time since we really had a bad January. I am glad I have the thermals too. Some of the people I work with do not feel the cold and one of my colleagues has the same conditions as me and also feels the cold. We go into work in thick jumpers with layers underneath and very rarely take any off. Glad to see your freezers and stores are packed to the gunnels. Am glad you had a lovely day with the girls the other day. My stew is nearly cooked and ready to go into the slow cooker ready for tomorrow nights tea. Take care.


  3. I so love reading your posts just about your general everyday life, your tea sounded delicious and no doubt the homemade bread will be too. I'm going to wrap up warm this weekend because I'm out at a christmas fayre and I really feel the cold. X x

  4. Hi Fluffy. I am pleased you are still enjoying my blog. Its lovely feedback. Thank you. the stew has soon gone and it was delish served with thick hunks of the home made bread went down well too. You have to have bread to mop up the gravy - the best bit. Hope you have a lovely time at your Christmas Fayre this weekend. I wear woolly gloves as a rule but when its really cold I have the woolly ones inside thicker fleece gloves the layering helps to keep my hands that little bit warmer. What about having some home made soup to warm you up a nice veggie one (you can use frozen veg too) and then some sausages with onions to serve in buns (you can keep them warm in the slow cooker) so that you have something lovely and warm to come home to without too much preparation. Just an idea. Hope you have lovely time. I love Christmas Fayres. Take care Pattypan xx


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