Monday, 30 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas Feta Cheese in Oil and Herbs

This is something I do every Christmas and through the year and it soon goes as part of the melee of antipasti or suppers during Christmas. or in salads or on baguettes or focaccia or as a side to a salad or cold meat platter. 

You see we have a rule in this household.  I cook the main event and do all the preparation and if we are having visitors on Boxing Day I also cook.  But after that the cook is on holiday so she can enjoy Christmas too.  This is one of the reasons that I do chutneys and pickles so that we can still eat with antipasti, cold cuts etc. Cheeses will keep in oil for about a month or so in the fridge and you can always replenish them once used up.  However do not waste the oil it can be used in cooking dribbled over salads used in salad dressings on focaccia wherever you use olive oil


Three to four blocks of Feta  or a couple of  large tubs of Feta cut into decent sized cubes
Virgin Olive Oil to cover

Flavourings you have a choice of combinations just to make things that little bit different
Dried chiili
Dried Oregano

But really you can add any flavourings, Olives, lemons, fennel seeds, basil  Different flavours tend to have a different impact.

Sterilise a Kilner preserving jar but make sure you can get it on your fridge shelf before filling. add the cubed cheese then your chosen flavourings and then top up with the oil making sure the jar is filled to the top.  Shake well and keep  in fridge.




  1. Now that is one recipe that I intend to use, I love feta and have lots of fresh and dried herbs. In fact I know 3 people who would give their eye teeth for a jar.

  2. Hi Pam

    Its one I use on a regular basis as OH like out cheese and our pates and our antipasti - so its always handy to have a couple of jars of this to hand in the fridge. I find it very forgiving.





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