Sunday, 1 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas - Freezer Pantry

Our freezers are akin to  and an extension of our pantries.  Years ago everything used to be stored in the pantry meat and preserves usually being stored in the coldest part  (hence marble cold slabs or shelves and the wealthier households used to have deliveries of ice or have an ice cave for sorbets and ice creams quite a palaver during the Victorian era but now readily available to everyone in the shops/supermarkets my how things have changed) and the dryer ingredients in the warmest area if you get my drift..  I believe we need all sorts of different storage facilities for the different type of ingredients which in the end constitutes the "pantry" although the "pantry" is more readily recognised as a very large room in which to store your food supplies in reality it may not be.

I have started popping things into the freezer in an effort to maximise my time and when I can I make time to prepare and process something into the freezers. Doing things yourself can be high in terms of time .but often a lot cheaper for the raw fresher ingredients that is why I tend to bulk process where I can.

I found Brussel sprouts reduced yesterday which are now ensconced in the freezer - having processed them in readiness.  We use Brussels as a side vegetable in any event and ostensibly these are not just for Christmas but normally at Christmas I buy them fresh on the stalk and they keep fresh so much better.

I bought carrots and have cut them into batons, blanched them and they are also in the freezer to serve as a side veggie or to pop into a stew or soup.

I have also bought swede and more carrots and this will be made into carrot and swede crush which is delicious and one of our favourites.

Parsnips have also been blanched and prepared for Roasties as well as sweet potato with Rosemary.

You will probably note that I am a regular user of root vegetables. They are good for you and very tasty.  They are a slow release energy food that are kind to our systems and help give our systems that energy boost naturally when we need it.

I also bought two cauliflowers which have been turned into Cauliflower cheese which I store in the foil trays.  I use a strong vintage cheese for the sauce as it gives a much nicer overall flavour to the Cauliflower.  It is easier to prepare this in bulk like this especially when the Cauliflowers are on offer as if we fancy some for our tea I just fish out one of the trays and it is ready in no time at all even during the week.  Cauliflower cheese makes a nice supper in its own right too.

I bought two punnets of frozen mixed summer berries that were on offer.  These are handy to have in the freezer as you can once they are defrosted turn them into a quick version of Eton mess or into a sponge pudding or hot compote or turn them into a tart with the addition of some apples or with the addition of a chocolate sponge and some whipped double cream turn it into a  home made "gateaux" or use tinned oranges with a little Grand Marnier liqueur whipped into the cream.  Equally they are good in pancakes yet again with some cream or yogurt.  The tartness of a natural yogurt goes well with them.  I intend to get some more when I go around again and get them stashed away. 

Hopefully after I get this coming weekend out of the way I will really be able to get stuck in and get quite a bit more stuff sorted. 

Catch you later.



  1. A some point we will be building on a pantry when we extend the back porch I am really looking forward to having a pantry room, it will mean I can free up lots f kitchen cupboards for the things that are still in boxes :-)

  2. Hi Dawn, Glad to her you will be building a pantry. Mine is a small walk in cupboard stacked to the gunnels and I also utilise cupboard space through the rest of the house and under the stairs. I would quite like a cold space for storing hams and salamis as well. I am keen to experiment but am somewhat restricted where we are. If I had the right property but no pantry I would do the same. I have a small galley kitchen which is far to small for the kitchen equipment I do have indeed a lot is stored upstairs and in the dining room. It would be lovely to have a big kitchen/family room so that I could have everything together. Your home looks absolutely stunning from the outside a lot of potential and I hope you get your Pantry room soon. Take care.




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