Saturday, 21 November 2015

Its been a busy day so far

Been back to mum's today sorting things yet again.  The bungalow is more or less now depersonalised of all her bits and bobs.  What's left will be going to charity as some of her things already have gone that way.  Its sad.   I still have all the knitting machines to  bring home but they will come soon enough.   I have every intention to get to grips with them as you get hardly anything for them second hand.  Mum's first knitting machine was a basic Knitmaster which I think is one of the machines in the house.  She taught me how to use that when I was little but the others are far more sophisticated and complicated.  I may have to have help with them.

We have a little more to do yet but we are getting there. I have the car to unload a little later but its absolutely bitter and I have to find room for it in the house as well.  Am going to enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit then I shall get on again. There is no peace for the wicked and as usual I have plans for doing other stuff as well like the Christmas puddings to be started off and then finished tomorrow for both myself and my brother and his family.  Think we will be having Shepherds pie for it is tasty and warming and filling and cheap to make.OH is in charge of that whilst I get on.

Right must get on.  Catch you later.




  1. Hi pattypan, I know how hard it can be sorting everything out. My grandad died in may and his house is only just empty now. It is hard deciding to give anything away to charity, but after filling our (Very small terraced house -me and small bungalow - my mum) houses there was no space for anything else. I was surprised how many charity shops did not want his furniture. They said it "wouldn't sell" , but it was lovely old solid wood furniture. Anyway it's empty now so mum can finally get on with selling it. Hope you manage to get your xmas puddings done. Love fluffy

  2. Hi fluffy so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. And yes its hard, hard because it is a cathartic healing process where little by little things are slipping away. We do not have long to go and we too have to market and then sell what has been our family home for over 40 years. Its the letting go I have trouble with. We have had to be practical between us only taking those items that we really wanted and letting the rest go. Charity shops these days are in it to make money for their chosen concern and a lot of what is given ends up on ebay or places like that and not always in the shop so they make the highest premium they can. I have some smaller pieces of furniture but am having to squeeze them in, like my Greaat Aunt's Antique sewing box on legs which is silk lined and a stool my great uncle made and the stool that my nan used to sit on in her kitchen to prepare the veggies etc.Its never easy but it is part of life. Christmas puddings done and mincemeat. Hope your fair was good. Pattypan x


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