Monday, 16 November 2015

Losing It

The older I get the more forgetful or distracted I get and when that happens anything can and does happen.   One of my chief bug bears then is that I end up losing things.  Usually my gloves (I have lost sheepskin ones that my mum gave me in the past which I was very cross about).

I have to wear gloves because of my medical conditions my hands and my fingers (they go blue and I lose circulation which leaves me with pain in my hands for a couple of days) so when I lose the glovesit really does frustrate me.

Therefore I have made a conscious decision that because I lose the gloves too frequently I was going to revert to a trick that my parents used to use when we were younger to stop us losing them which in effect is to string them on elastic and then feed each glove through the sleeves of my coat so that when I come to put my coat on they are there and waiting for me and hopefully will keep the pair intact.

Because I lose them so frequently I have taken to buying my gloves from Primark two pairs of woolly gloves for £1.  So I re-stocked up the other day and bought 6 pairs for £3.00.  The elastic is all ready and waiting - and I have mislaid my new gloves.  They are somewhere safe waiting for me to find them when that will be is anyone's guess but they will turn up eventually.  Fortunately I have an old pair I can slip on but minus the elastic.

Catch you soon



P.S.  I found them so my hands will be lovely and warm


  1. It's called a senior moment here Pattypan - I have them quite often - you'll probably find that your new gloves will turn up when you're not looking for them! Xxx

  2. It is here too Trudie they are happening a little too often. I found the gloves.

    Take care



  3. That's so frustrating isn't it ? putting things in a safe place and then forgetting where the safe place is ?
    I reckon you will find a 'glove mountain' one day !!


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