Monday, 9 November 2015

Missy Update

Thank you for your good wishes concerning Missy.  The operation seems to have gone well and they had managed to pop a new lens into her eye and she was comfortable. At the time of phoning everything was looking positive and the pressure in the eyes was behaving itself.  The little Polish Nurse who admitted her yesterday rang to update OH. 

The house has seemed so empty without her - our routines have been all to pot it just does not seem right.  She has a routine she is in bed with us and then when OH gets her up to take her walkies and then go off to work she then dives back in bed and does her best to shift me out - often succeeding.   She gets quite awkward at times. She feels the cold and just loves to be under blankets and cosy.  Very spoilt little Jack Russell who we have missed very much.  Hopefully she will be back with us on Wednesday.  Our Jack Russell has us very well trained.

Catch you soon.




  1. Best wishes for smooth healing and quick recovery for Missy. Our fur babies are family and mean the world to us.

  2. Pleased to hear that shes doing well - I think that all Jack Russells have their owners trained well - ours has - she presently has to have heart tablets (which cost us £80 per month - a lot now we're only on our pensions) but will only take the tablets if theyre wrapped in fresh chicken! Guess which little Jack Russell has fresh chicken each day?! But she's worth it xxx

  3. Hi Dawn and Miss Sandra and Trudie. My animals are my babies and family too.

    Trudie we wrap any pills for Missy in strong stinky cheddar cheese and she eats them like that as the cheese moulds itself to the pill. Now one of the cats does not eat cat food - I buy the reduced ham or meats and put them with biscuits and he eats then but not the meat (that's Demetri the one I took in who used to live next door).




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