Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday Evening Roundup

Well we took Missy to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket this afternoon.  We know we are doing the right thing by trying to get her eye treated as we have been told there is a good chance she will get her sight back.  They are hoping to install a new lens but sometimes this is not possible but if that is the case she will be long sighted in that eye.  If left untreated the cataract will blow and she would end up having the whole eye out. So there is no choice to be made  really. 

When travelling she likes to sit or lay on my lap and likes to be able to look out of the window.  She is quite content if she can look out and is near the pair of us.  She is a very sociable dog.

When we arrived we were taking into a little room to take details; Missy was being her usual good fussy self and seemed to like the nurse.  We left her with her still wagging her tail.  Bless her felt so awful.  She has her operation tomorrow and if all goes well she should be back with us on Wednesday. I left her with her duck but apparently they will take that off her tomorrow as she will not be allowed to play tug of war or bite down hard on anything post operation as it could upset the eye.  We will be backwards and forwards to Newmarket for about three months and she will be on quite a bit of medication.  The house seems very empty without her.

They will ring to let us know how things went tomorrow.

Otherwise it has been a very quiet day - I haven't done what I planned to so it has been restful.  Back to the routine tomorrow and loads to do tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow is another day.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hope she's ok - you are definitely doing the right thing and before you know it she'll be back home with you - I cant settle if theres a dog a missing from the house - give her a hug for me on Wednesday xxx

  2. I hope it all goes well for Missy and she will soon be home recovering

    1. Thank you Dawn. Hopefully she will be with us tomorrow. Then we have to keep her quiet. Some hope that is!. Take care.



  3. Thank you Trudie. We know its the right thing for her but its the ifs and ands and buts inbetween. I don't settle if any of the inmates are missing. Will give her your hug when she gets home. Bless you. Take care.




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