Sunday, 24 January 2016

Oh for a Big One

I mean a Pantry of course. Sorry Dawn I could not resist!

I am lucky in that I have a walk in Pantry small more like a cupboard (more what I would call a dry Pantry or Larder) and before I put the fridge in there I was able to walk in there too.  Fridge in the Pantry - well its logical really after all the Meat Safe used to be in the Pantry so why not the fridge.  My Aunty always did.  My Nan had a Meat Safe cited right at the back of her long narrow Pantry but then they did used to produce their own meat on their "smallholding" always keeping their own pigs - we always used to look forward to the arrival of the new ones and make friends with them.  They also used to keep chickens plenty of them but they had a big enclosed run with apple trees in.

Anyway I diverse we want a big one Dawn and I - I reiterate a big walk in Pantry.  Dawn are you going to have one built or is there room to extend your current arrangement?

On talking to my mum not long before she died she was talking about the Farmer's cottage in the village where my Nan lived which was their first home.  It apparently had a massive big walk in Pantry with room to put a big deal table in the middle.  Apparently there was wall to wall shelving and also cold slabs of slate and marble and lots of hanging hooks.

One of the best kitchen arrangements I have ever seen was at Llanydrock House in Cornwall that was something else.  Yes a big ancestral pile, but my Great Aunt owned one of those and the kitchens there were eventually turned over to my Aunt's flat - I would have loved to have seen them originally but I only knew it as the  Flat.  Next door was the Studio and then the Attic before meeting up with the Manager's House for the Stables.

The dream Pantry for me would be part of a suite of rooms.  The big walk in Pantry something similar to what my mum had at the cottage and then free standing shelving - I would like a big walk in cold fridge off of that (as some foods are better stored even colder) and then a freezer room.  In the main pantry area I would want a big white stone sink just to clean things off as well as a big deal table.  Probably never happen but one can have dreams and in the meantime you make the best of what you have and what's available to us individually.  Then I would want an area for Charcuterie/Meat Caves and Cheese Caves.  I am very intent on having a go with making home made cheese just the simple ones to start with but I would love to have a go at proper cheese too.  Oh and I would also need a store room for all the equipment to be housed and found readily. (Don't want much me!)

Now a few questions would you as individuals want a big one like Dawn and I, do you have a big one currently and would you change things or do you have very little "Pantry" space or storage space and would like more and how do you cope in-between times and make do with what you have.

A couple of things I really would like in the Pantry area are an area specifically for having a go at making home made cheese, yogurt etc and that is a rail/pole in which I can hang the cheese to strain through cheesecloth.  Equally I would like a jelly dripping pole for when I make jellies.  It would be good to have individual areas to keep things clean and also the cats out and away from things

I would love to hear your views. 

Catch you later on.




  1. We have plans to extend the back porch across the house this will give me a nice big walk in pantry that will house one of the freezers as well, its north facing so will be ideal, we will also push out the kitchen, when its all done I wont have any wall cupboards just cupboards underneath, all food stuff will be in the pantry so wont need wall cupboards, it will be a while before we start it as we have things to get done outside yet, at some point we want to extend off the other side of the house as well giving us a large living room and dining room, upstairs wont be extended, we already have 2 spare bedrooms dont need any more.

  2. I would love a large pantry - no chance in this little old house so I have floor to ceiling shelves in the passage way through to the conservatory where I keep all the preserves from the allotment and all my baking ingredients and electrical kitchen gadgets - spare jars etc. live on 2 sets of shelves at the top of the cellar steps - but in the mean time I'm with you and Dawn and would love a pantry xx

  3. Sounds as though it will be lovely when you have finished it. The kitchen I think is the heart of any home and I have always longed for a big kitchen diner/family room for everyday living. Having no wall cupboards will make it lighter as well. I take it the proposed extension to the other side of the house will be adding on to your existing lounge to give the extra space. I can understand not extending the upstairs quarters especially if you have enough room all ready. Its always exciting when plans are in hand to improve and extend floor space etc. I remember when I was married and had my own home with my first husband the house we bought was a 1930s semi detached bay window property. We did the whole house up how we wanted it and it looked really lovely - we then split. I think I will need some luck on the lottery front if I am ever to achieve "my dream" but dreams are there to make you strive and up your game. Never say never. It will be lovely when you get it all done. Pattypanx

  4. I have a small walk-in pantry that has my fridge in and all my food. It has open shelves throughout so I can see exactly what I have. My kitchen has no wall units just fitted bottom units that house my crockery and small appliances (I am rather small and always had to stand on a stool to reach the wall units so was very happy to get rid). I also have a large dresser which has my "best" china and glasses in. To be honest i wouldn't change it as I designed it myself and love it still, BUT if money was no object I would live in an old farmhouse with a big table in the kitchen and a rayburn. X x


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