Sunday, 5 June 2016

Lovely day

Well its been a lovely day and I have been so pleased to be out in the fresh air for a change (am usually cooped up in the house or in the office).  I have sorted out my mum's tubs, took out the weeds and re-topped up with new compost and then watered them all up.  They are still in their temporary positions until I sort out where I want them for good.  I will post some photos once it I sorted to my satisfaction but the whole of the herb bed is now bereft of weeds. My mint has not come back but mum has some coming up so may well nobble a couple of plants from hers.  I still have some herbs to plant up and I need some chives and parsley a well as a golden variegated sage if I can locate one and a couple of French Lavenders.  I absolutely adore Lavender.  I also intend to set up a variety of herbs as well from seed so I have some fresh plants further on and can put down a decent store of herbs for the winter months and do my own broth posies and blends for storage as well as fresh in oil in the freezer.

I have also got some more seeds on the go, in one of my mini greenhouses; nasturtiums, yellow courgettes, some artichokes, some more sweet peas, some cucumber plants. I have also set a large tray of mixed salad leaves.  Still loads more to go but at least I have been able to get some set.  I may not do a lot this year but hopefully will be all sorted for next either here or somewhere else.  I really love growing stuff from scratch and am going to concentrate on winter veg  to help reduce the household budget.

I have also bought a lot of seed trays from my mums, although I need to buy some smaller pots and some more seed labels (wooden sticks) and also some cloche lids.  Wilkinson sell them so I shall have a nosey in there tomorrow.  I need more compost so I think OH will have to go and get that as I have quite a lot of pots to pop stuff into.  I have some new solar lights that I need to pop into the herb garden.  I am hoping OH will help me with these during the week and that will be another thing ticked off the list of to dos.

I also want to create a cutting garden at some point.  My Nan and Aunt had one and it used to keep the house supplied with flowers for the house and the family graves and even the local Church.  I do find these days though that weekends go very quickly you no sooner get into them than its time to get back to work.

I totally lost track of time whilst I was out in the garden.  However I have found it very peaceful and grounding. Subsequently we did not get our planned tea (we are having that tomorrow evening).  We had cheese on toast and whilst we were munching a new programme doing up a chateau on channel 4 came on (sorry cannot remember the name).  I was surprised to see it was Dick Strawbridge and his new wife Angel.  I can well see why they have fallen in love with the place.  Next part is on next Sunday I think at 7:00pm.  Its nice to see how other people live although I am not always taken with some of their ideas.

Right I had better get a wriggle on have to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon. "BEE HAPPY"




  1. We spent the day in the garden, I have caught the sun a bit, so will have to be a bit more careful tomorrow.

    We watched Dick Strawbridge as well, as you know I am a Francophile, was going to watch it anyway, a sucker for anything about France.

    There is a very good article in today's Sunday Telegraph about the programme. Apparently they have 2 more floors to so, hope they do another programme to show the Chateau completely renovated.

  2. Hi Ann

    Its on next Sunday as well at 7:00pm I think. They also have a blog, have been doing weddings and catering etc Not a bad little site even shows their wedding photos last November. Glad you got out in the fresh air - it makes a difference. It has gone very chilly out tonight but then it feels colder because it has been so warm. I know you are very fond of France and you have said that you would have loved to have lived there. It must be lovely to have a second home abroad to be able to go as and when especially when it is warmer than here. take care the pair of you Love to you both Tricia (aka Pattypan) xx

  3. I watched Dick Strawbridge too its sad that his ex Bridgit and Dick separated and sold up Cornwall after all that work, he seems to change direction on environmental issues too, looking forward to seeing your garden taken shape :-)

  4. Hi Dawn. Its sad that they split but these things happen. I had not realised that the farm had been sold though. I think it was Bridgit of the two of them that was the eco warrior I think with him being the engineer he had the wherewithal to put things into practice. Still early days with the garden. Its more the herb border that is being sorted at the moment - I tend to turf it out every couple of years. Will pop up some photos shortly. Hope you are keeping well. Take care. Pattypan xx


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