Thursday, 14 July 2016

A little weary

Tonight it has been a busy day as  usual followed by a little bit of overtime which results me not getting in until about 6:30pm and then having to set too and sort tea out.  OH when we went to the farm last bought some Buffalo burgers.  They looked nice and meaty but I just could not pluck up any enthusiasm for them and so I cooked them for HRH served with baked beans and chips.  He said that they were really nice. No doubt he will have them again. I had scampi, baked beans and chips which went down very nicely. I do not think that I will be late to bed tonight though.

I have the dishwasher on at the moment and the washing machine on so it is all systems go down there.  I am hoping to get another load on before I go to bed.

Tomorrow night if it is nice out I will probably spend a little time in tidying the garden up  - the herb border at least.  It will be nice to be out in the fresh air just pottering then it will be getting stuck in over the weekend to get quite a few chores done.

Oh and a little present from one of the tubs from my mum's which is full of violet plants.  A couple of stems have flowered giving me a couple of violets.  So that was a special treat.   Do not know what we are eating tomorrow will have to have a look in the freezer.

Right catch you later.




  1. sometimes its just good to go to bed and sleep no point in fighting it :-)

  2. I gave in gracefully this time Dawn I was in bed by 11pm which is early for me. Take care x


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