Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I have been eying up....

one or two new pieces of kitchen equipment.  And by the way these are items which I have my eye on are items of my own choice and is not an advert for said company.

Since I attended the Pork Pie making class I have been looking around for a few additional pieces of kitchen equipment mainly what is known as a "dolly" for moulding pork pies and I came across one pretty much after the class which is quite substantial and a few other pieces to boot that I was not expecting to find.  They are from the new Paul Hollywood baking range and the pieces appear to be quite substantial.

The following are not my photos but saved from various web sites Emporium and John Lewis

First of all the Dolly

 Then there is the baguette tray, and old fashioned pudding steamer bun stamp pie cutters pie funnel and pork pie tin.  Needless to say I shall buy one at a time as I can afford it.  However the Pork Pie Dolly the bun cutter and the pie funnel are top of the list.

Nice looking baking equipment. I am not buying for the name either.    The pie funnel, and the bun cutter are under £5 each.  The Dolly is £14 but is quite substantial  and ideal for me to play at home making my own pork pies. 

Now all I have to do is find somewhere to store them an ongoing problem here.

Catch you later.




Well the Dolly came home with me as did the pie funnel and the bun cutter.  I really like the steam pudding bowls might have to get two of those and the pork pie tin. The rest I will look at and probably in a few weeks add a couple of more items.  However I have started with the things that appealed to me most at this time.



  1. John Lewis have baguette trays reduced to £5 right now. I use mine constantly-also good for reheating croissants etc.

  2. I have a baguette tray its well used got mine from Lakeland, I have a little list of kitchen bits I find it I still want it in a month or so its worth buying otherwise its struck off the list :-)

  3. Hi Angela thanks for that will have to have a look.

    Dawn I keep a notebook in my handbag for a list of items that I am interested in. Sometimes they get chucked off the list as well especially if I find something that will do double duty.

    Take care ladies and thank you

    tricia aka Pattypan



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