Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ploughmans for tea

We bought Cornish pasties at the farm today and they were absolutely delightful.  We had them at lunch time and they were really delish. 

OH thought I had bought them for tea but I had other ideas.  After buying the Amber mist cheese I had decided that it would be an ideal accompaniment to a proper ploughmans - here is a link to who produces this particular cheese which is made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company:

The Snowdonia Cheese Company make really wonderful cheese it really is lovely.  So far we have tried the Ginger Spice, Black Bomber, Red Devil, Green Thunder and Red Storm.  They are all fantastic proper cheese with a proper tang in every individual variety. And each named cheese is very individual and very moorish There are a lot we haven't tried yet as well.  My brother is in Wales this fortnight and I have texted him to look out for said cheese as he is in Snowdonia.  I think he really will like this Amber Mist cheese. 

We had a plate on which I popped ham, cooked beetroot, coleslaw, the Amber Mist cheese, mixed salad, and I always serve a home made ploughmans with a nice apple.  Today I married the cheese with a nice Braeburn apple which proved the perfect foil for the cheese and also pickled onions and some pickle.

OH got a couple of bottles of Black Wych from the Wychwood Brewery.  Its described as a dark mysterious spellbinding Porter.  OH is not keen but there is something that I quite like about it.  I don't normally go a bundle of really dark beers -  I do like homebrew though and this reminds me of a stout.  OH has told me I can finish it off.  Will have to find him something to replace the bottle.  This in my mind has washed the Ploughmans down very nicely although I would have put a nice drop of cider or perry with it by choice; but this has been different and made a nice change.

I served it simply with salad, coleslaw, ham, cooked beetroot, bread and butter and OH had some pickle as well.  I had toyed with the idea of cooking some new potatoes or making a baked potato but decided in the end to go as simple as possible.  It is quite easy to over-stuff a plate like this and then wasting it which I decided it was not necessary.  Plus we have more for another day.  I am still supping my Porter.

So look out for the cheeses made by the Snowdonia Cheese company you will not be disappointed.

This is my own and OH's particular view and is not an advertisement nor have we received encouragement to comment.  We speak as we find and when we find something that is really really good we like to share with everyone else.

Catch you soon.




  1. It's coincidental that you wrote about Snowdonia Cheese because my godmother was visiting for lunch today and on the cheese plate I made up was an Italian sheep cheese, a Wensleydale and Snowdonia Red Storm and Black Bomber. The difference is that we are in Sydney Australia

  2. Hi Rebecca - how crazy is that. - My brother is in Wales at the moment too. I had not appreciated that they were quite a large concern we had just thought that they were an Artisan cheese producer. It is good cheese though. If you get an opportunity to try the Amber mist it is lovely. OH would not try it for ages because it had whisky in it but it really is lovely. I hope you enjoyed your lunch take care. Pattypan xx


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