Friday, 11 November 2016

Christmas things

I have been into TK Maxx today - indeed I have spent most of my dinner time in there.  I have picked up one or two things a new Christmas tablecloth, two packs of four Quattro Stagioni jars, a Red Reindeer metal nutcracker, two wreaths one of them plain and woven in and the other decorated, some lemon oil polish, some syrups to add to coffee and not forgetting the angel cookie cutters a set of three and a fancy funnel cake tin.

So I am well chuffed with my bargains.  Although I may pop back during the week as there were one or two other pieces that I was quite taken with on the ornament side especially an angel.

I have also had some tea light candle holders arrive in three different sizes all quite small but graduated made out of a natural branch which are quite charming. With tea lights in they will look lovely

I love Christmas and I love everything looking nice, candlelight log fires beautiful china and glass ware.  I collect china and glass ware that goes with each other and blends in with each other.  I love looking round the shops at this time of year and adding a bit here and a bit there to what I already have often just so subtle changes are made.  Its a shame this house is not big enough to show it all off properly but I do what I can.  One day.

I collect gold glassware and mix and match different patterned glasses (all gold coloured) some old and some new at this time of year as well as crystal.  They need not be new but I often buy second hand as well.  They have a lovely table runner, napkin and placemat set in John Lewis which goes with a collection of china that they are promoting which looks fab.

At this time of year I love looking around the shops to see what there is and sometimes adding a little here and there.  I often hum or sing to myself whilst I am pottering around the shops and I take a great deal of pleasure in the window shopping.  You don't have to buy.

Yesterday I bought the Christmas pudding dishes.  I had seen some decorated ones cream bowls with a garland of holly around the top edge in John Lewis' so two bowls came home with me yesterday plus two larger Mason and Cash Pudding bowls as my other ones have died a death.  The puddings will probably get made on Sunday night and then be cooked.  I think I will be able to do them in my large pasteuriser.  Once they have had the initial 6 hours cooking I will store them on the Pantry Shelf until I can cook them again.  The more cooking the pudding gets the darker it goes.  I have puddings to make for myself and my brother.  I also want to have another go and tweak the fruit loaf recipe as well - more to do with presentation.  Will see how it goes.

I also need to do a big batch bake sausage rolls, mince pies, coconut cheesecakes and then freeze them so that we have some cake over the Christmas period that will just need popping in the oven to cook when we are ready for them so that everything is fresh beforehand.  I also have the

Fortunately I have a week booked off at the beginning of December.  I am hoping to go to the Lincoln Christmas market

Tomorrow we are going to order the Turkey.  It will be a little bit of a breakfast outing with my stepson and his girlfriend.


  1. I loved this post as it made me feel so Christmas like.. smile.. Love to see your purchases as I am not familiar with the brands here in Canada.. I would also love your pudding and cheesecake recipes.. God Bless.. xo

  2. Hi Faye

    Here is the link to the Christmas Pudding recipe I use - It is a Delia Smith recipe to which I add a grated apple and a grated carrot. Sometimes I also use cider to mix the pudding with. Makes for a lighter result but just as nice.

    And for the cheesecake which is a traditional Yorkshire Curd Cheesecake/Feasting Cheesecake recipe that my Nan used to make

    I also make something called Coconut Cheesecakes which are little pastry tarts filled with usually raspberry jam and then you cream equal amounts of butter and sugar together and then add dessicated coconut until the mixture is stiff. You then pile it on top of the jam tarts and cook until golden. These are very tasty. Its lovely to see you over here and I am glad you liked the post. Hope this helps. Kind regards.

    Tricia aka Pattypan xx

    1. Here is the link to the instructions for the pudding I forgotten I had popped them up as a separate post.


      Tricia aka Pattypan



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