Wednesday, 16 November 2016

More Christmas Decorations and Festive Bits and Bobs

I had a little lottery win at the weekend and so I have used that little win (a syndicate we run at work run on the bonus numbers) and have put it towards some more Christmas decorations. Some years I don't see anything I like and then other years it goes barmy.  I am trying to be sensible but occasionally very occasionally its nice to have a little splurge.  

I went to TK Maxx fatal.  I had actually gone to look at the glass and the china but there was not too much on that front today maybe another day things will be different.  I am very pleased with today's purchases though even though they were not quite what I had gone for.

Anyway here it goes the most expensive item was the Angel.  at £14.99.  She is however very different to a normal Angel more classical and in a pale green which is the traditional colour for Father Christmas.   It looks gold in the photo but is a lovely pale limey green.  I am however very pleased with her and she should go very well with what I already have which is more to the point.

A string of Angel Lights - I might try and get some more of these.

An Angel Lantern which I really like.  Might try and get another of these if they have them.  They only had the one in store today.

Two Candle rings that go beautifully with something else I bought today.

There is only one shown here but I actually bought two of these as well.

Two beautiful candle lamps should look lovely with a couple of large Hurricane Lamps which I have recently purchased.

Snowflake Cookie Cutters.  These are a lovely pale blue colour on the outer edge.  Should go very well with all the other Cookie Cutters I have.

One of the things that I try and do each year after Christmas presents have been opened and the tree is left bare underneath is I have a selection of toys that go in place of the presents.  These are traditionally themed like I have soft toys, children's horses, musical boxes, teddy bears, stacking boxes, raggy dolls, an old sweet tin in the shape of a tradition drum together with the drum sticks, Jack in the boxes, Automaton Santas and other ephemera.  This does double jeopardy as if we have any little ones come over Christmas there is something for them to play with and keep them entertained.  If not it just dresses the tree up a little more.  This little suitcase will go beautifully with some of these bits and bobs and will be able to store them as well - and the sentiment I think is very appropriate as we all love being home for the holidays.

I am hoping to be able to get started with my beading projects in the New Year so hopefully I will have some modern heirlooms to pass on.

Have you acquired any Christmas decorations for this Christmas or do you have a particular favourite from years way back.  Would love to hear from you.

Catch you shortly.



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  1. I envy your enthusiasm for all things festive, I used to be just like that but slowly it has seeped away. I will put the tree up and my bunting, there are a few other decorations which will come out of mothballs but it will be confined to one room. Happy shopping and treasure finding.


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