Friday, 3 March 2017

A slight hiccup

I did a full week at work last week and went to work this Monday just gone and ended up in an ambulance. On yhe Monday morning I had not felt my usual self and mentioned it to my colleague as I was very sleepy and kept forgetting things. Unfortunately I ended up having a seizure but my colleague managed to get me in the recovery position so this time I did not bite my tongue for which I am very grateful. However since then I have been to the Drs and had some bloods taken.  It may be that we will never know what triggered it but I have a suspicion that it is shock coming out of my system as a result of the foot surgery.  But hey ho back to the drawing board.  I have done a lot of resting and sleeping this week always do in the aftermath. I am being kept on the same meds as before and we are to see how things go and whether anything shows up in the bloods.

I have been told I can go back to work next week so I am looking forward to being with friends and colleagues who really did look after me and for which I am very grateful.

I am okay and am getting there I wouldnt mind but ever since my op I had really been looking after myself and had even got into a really good routine with my meds.  Oh well back to the drawing board.

Catch you later

Pattypan x


  1. Hope you'll feel better soon Patty - take it easy xx

    1. Hi Trudie I am getting there. Its updettingwhen it happens but I cannot help how I am wired. I have been epileptic since I wS 7 despite a 10 year gap where I was off medication. Unfortunately once the brain hs been scarred by a seizure whenever there is anything wrong like a very high temperature the freak electrical wave which causes the seizure can and does in my case track along the scarring. Fortunately there is no brain damage in my case. I am also very lucky as for the best part the medication manages to contain it. Hoeever in common practice with me I can go a few years without anything happening and then out of the blue something triggers it. They are called breakout seizures and although a full blown seizure the run up to it is often more like a febrile convulsion my temperature soars without warning and I get no warning and often dont know have got a high temperature. Medics say it shouldnt happen but in my case it does. Oh well back to the drawing board. I am so lucky compared to a lot of people with the condition. Take care Trudie and thank you for your kind words. Pattypan xx


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