Saturday, 17 June 2017

Its too Darn Hot

For the best part of the day we have kept to the shade of the house although we ventured out to Mr Ts this afternoon and got caught up in a tailback for over 3/4 of an hour.  Thank goodness we had left Missy at home in the shade and for air conditioning.

I hadn't been to Mr Ts for several years and with OH getting the mussels there previously I wanted to check out what they did and did not have.  I must say it has come on quite a bit since I last went and I think we shall be going back every so often.   The fish counter is certainly a decent one and this time we have come away with some sea bass.  We have had burgers for tea tonight in buns with salad and large slices of a beefsteak tomato which was lovely.  We did not get all the way round the store but no doubt we will another time.

I have also got some fresh cherries to top up the two Rumptopfs and hopefully to do some home made cherry brandy with.   I also have some rhubarb to make some rhubarb vodka and some rhubarb cordial.  I also plan on making some strawberry and raspberry coulis for serving on ice cream.

So lots to do as usual.  I also want to make some peach wine but we shall have to see on that front.

Anyone who is on holiday this week looks set to have good weather.  When its like this I love being down on the coast and in particular Cornwall and the lovely beaches.  Deep sigh would love to be down there.

I have also watered up again and drenched all the plants.  I have tiny cucumbers coming and lots of flowers and growth on my tomatoes.  The peppers are shooting up as are the globe artichokes.  So have a little bit of something on the go.  Will be more next year.  I have some planters to pot up with some strawberry plants.  I still need to get more pots but will get them all eventually.  At least this way the fruit plants are going to be nice and sturdy by the time they are transplanted into the main fruiting garden (that is once it is sorted).

We have a gazebo to get up yet as well.  Might be done in the cool of tomorrow evening (that is if it does cool down).

Right am off to sit in the garden and to watch the bats flying display.

Catch you soon.



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