Friday, 4 August 2017

Land Love Magazine

I bought the September edition of the Land Love magazine today.  It has some lovely articles in and a couple I think you ladies will absolutely love there is a four page article on making your own wilder larder liqueurs and the recipes consisting of:

  • Sloe Gin
  • Rosehip Vodka
  • Cherry Rum
  • Elderberry Vodka
  • Blackberry Rum
  • Juneberry Vodka
  • Wild plum rum
  • Rowan berry vodka
  • Wild cherry vodka.

It also has some delicious recipes i.e. potato and courgette dauphinois and especially the article on throwing an Autumn feast very much my kind of food, roast pumpkin, onion soup, autumn squash tart, rye bread with creamed chestnuts and bacon, stuffed squash, chicken roulade with a plum stuffing, wild boar goulash g, meatball casserole with creamed porcini mushrooms. For pudding sweet apple flambe, baked grape pudding.  All seasonal food and it looks and sounds pretty yummy.

There is also a freebie pictures of late summer fruits which it is suggested we copy and then keep the magazine version as a master so that we can use it time and time again to decorate preserves fruit baskets wreaths garlands paper bags

There is also a free Land Love newsletter if you sign up delivered once a month however there are also recipes and crafting projects to have a go at as well.  All in all a lovely little site.  you can sign up for the letter at  The next issue is on sale 7 September 2017 and the preview for that looks good too.  There are also offers on the pricing of the magazine as well.  I think I am going to indulge. Beautiful magazine with really interesting topics.

Catch you soon.



Ps.  This article represents my own thoughts  on this particular publication but because I feel the articles are really good I just wanted to share this with everyone so that you have the opportunity if you so wish of obtaining a copy.

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