Saturday, 6 January 2018

A New Blanket for a New Year

I normally during a year try and make one crochet blanket to add to the stash.  Last year I did not get to one.  However this year I have bought in the wool for a new Superking crochet blanket made up of individual small squares.  The colour pack is Black Forest and I have bought it through the Patchwork Heart Blog shop  

via Derramores. 

I must say that the wool is lovely and soft, washable and the colours are gorgeous.  I am anxious to start working but it will have to wait a while yet.  This is my first time buying from the shop and the service and quality are wonderful.  I now have a lot of work on my hands.  I intend to use the pattern as below which is on Heather's Blog The Patchwork Heart which I follow and also via Facebook

It is for my bedroom.  I just love the colourway and it looks even better in person.  I do give myself big jobs.  It is always the simple things that look the most effective.  However in the meantime I have a very large box to find a home for with all the wool inside.  The beauty of this is that I can work so many at a time i.e. work the middles, then the next layer and so on so that a few completed squares in effect appear all of a sudden.  It will have to wait for a bit longer though although I am very much looking forward to working it.

Catch you soon.




  1. Gorgeous pattern and colours! I hope you enjoy making it.

    1. Hi Debbie, although a big task I am looking forward to making it too. It was the colours that attracted me as it is that little bit different and will go with pink! The colour of my bedroom. Take care. Tricia xx


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