Thursday, 11 January 2018

Watching Films

Just recently I have been buying a few DVDs here and there to watch at home when I choose to.  I have always been an avid reader, preferring a book to read first before actually seeing a movie only sometimes it does not work out like that.  I think you get so much more from reading a book and using your imagination and putting your spin on things and losing yourself in the book.  Fascinated to find out what is happening cannot wait until you get to the end and then happy and then said all in one moment because you have reached the conclusion but are disappointed that you are at the end.  However with a film you are watching someone else's interpretations.  Some of them are absolutely brilliant

I love watching films  - whenever and whatever.  Its something I have done for years possibly because my mum and my dad were into that sort of thing.  We used to be taken out on special trips to the pictures but these days I would rather be in my own home watching a film or two when I please. Getting all snuggly and comfy whether that be in leisure clothes or PJ is all part of the process especially if you have a lovely throw or blanket with which to snuggle under, have a few treats and tidbits and just generally chill.  Getting the space to allow yourself to chill is important - sometimes it does your body good just to do nothing.  It slows everything down and stops the feeling that you are forever on a perpetual treadmill.  Time out whatever you want to call it  - time to recharge.  You must book that time for yourself its important especially a bit of dream time/fantasy time.  It makes you grow.

With that in mind I have started collecting DVDs whether they be new or old.  However I have started collecting classics like Dr Zhivago (Omar Sharif....phew) and the wonderful Julie Christie and a fantastic but oh so sad storyline.  Mum and Dad took us to the pictures to see that one and I can still remember the fantastic scenery.  In fact following seeing that film mum and dad bought me my first jewellery box for Christmas.  A tiny little white jewellery box with a Cinderella and coach laminated on the front.  It played "Lara's Theme" which is the main theme tune for Dr Zhivago!  I still have it and the music box still plays.

Lawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence) wrote The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which yet again was an O'level reading book  and for which we saw the film.  Peter O'Toole played an outstanding role as Lawrence and really bought everything to life. 

Ryan's daughter is another good one with Sarah Miles playing the lead part of Rosy Ryan and Robert Mitchum that of her husband Charles Shaunessy in which she has an extramarital affair with a British Officer.  It is also the film that really bought Sir John Mills to the fore in his portrayal of the mute Michael.

The last three films have one thing in common they were all directed by David Lean.  If you have not had the chance to see these films please do as they really do have a good storyline.  Lawrence of Arabia is the one I do not have of the above nor do I have the Go Between but both are on the list of films I would like to obtain.  I haven't seen the Go Between in HMV but I have not really looked whereas I have seen the Peter O'Toole version in there.

I have also bought today, Camelot, Oliver, South Pacific and another one whose name evades me at the moment.    OH is a big John Wayne fan and so I have bought him a couple of his oldies as well.  

So I am hoping this coming Sunday afternoon to spend time watching one of these lovely films and just curling up on a winter's afternoon.  Nothing better (well would be if I had a log fire to boot!).

What sort of films do you like, oldies, newbies or a bit of both.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.




  1. There are some movies that I could watch over and over again...Doctor Zhivago, Gone With the Wind, Mary Poppins, etc. I also like comedies and historical movies.

    1. Snap Kathie. Gone with the Wind is on the list and I actually saw it the other day in a boxed set - they have quite a lot of the oldies available now. I also bought My Fair Lady - it was the first film I ever saw at a picture house. I would be about 4 or 5 years old. It was an evening performance and I went with my mum and my friend. It was magic. Never forgotten it. Take care Tricia xx


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