Thursday, 1 February 2018

Happy Many Bumps of the day

.... to the OH!  He is 63 today.  We were supposed to be going out for a meal at a local pub with some of his work colleagues but because of the weather and illness it had been called off.  There was to be a quiz as well.  I was a bit disappointed as I had been looking forward to it, but needless to say I had nothing available for tea as I thought we would be eating out.  As a result we asked for a curry to be delivered and it was delicious.  It has certainly stuffed me and OH but it was very tasty and has gone down a treat.  Has warmed me up a bit.

We have the heating on as it is absolutely bitter here.  This house could be oh so much more warmer but it is what it is and you have to make the best of what you have.  Even though the heating comes on during the night as well the cats still huddle together so I am keen to keep them warm as I do not want them being poorly.  Missy just cuddles up to either one of us and she has a blankie that nine times out of ten is covering her head to foot. 

We have breakfast out on Saturday (we are meeting up with some friends and also my step-son and his wife) so I am hoping we can go for a meal on Sunday to our favourite pub probably have Sunday dinner there.

Catch you soon



1 comment:

  1. Change of plans but all went well.
    Birthday wishes to OH.
    Sounds like a nice time.



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