Monday, 23 July 2018

Monday Catch up

It is too darn hot.  

Today I have met my friend and had a lovely time with her with both of us leading the other astray.  We went for a bimble today - she needed some new shoes and I needed some new undies.  We were both partially successful but always enjoy each other's company in any event.

As I had not eaten I nipped to Costas after leaving her and then went into town for another bimble.  This resulted in me going into M & S and exploring the sale rale.  I found several things including two pairs of trousers, a pale green and a navy spotted pair (both are more like jeans) reduced to £16.00 per pair, and three tops £5 each.  So I did not do too badly.

I also had a wander around a couple of shops that I do not normally frequent namely New Look and H & M.  there were several things I spotted that I would quite like in H & M but despite the label saying that they did in my size I was not able to locate.  May go in and have a look another day.  Certainly some lovely things in both shops.

I then bumbled to Waitrose as there were a few bits I needed from there for tonight's tea namely some fresh veggies and some antipasto stuff.  I intend to make some bread buns for tomorrow and have pick n mix tea for a change especially with the weather being as it is.  I really do not want to have to cook tomorrow.  I have pate, a selection of cooked meats, chutneys, pickles, pickled onions and some ham and together with the bread buns that should do very nicely.  Might even do jelly and custard for pudding.

Yesterday I cooked a nice piece of beef for tea accompanied with Yorkshire puddings, carrot and swede crush, minted peas, boiled potatoes (so you can mash them down on the plate and get the gravy all puddled in) mixed broccoli, carrot and cauliflower, and green sliced beans.  It was very tasty - the meat came from M & S and I mean it was full of flavour.  There is enough for tea tonight and I have cooked fresh veggies, potatoes Parmentier, peas, mixed veggies, (cauliflower, broccoli, French beans and Chantenay carrots) and spring cabbage.  I did not really want to cook again but at the end of the day I did not want to waste the meat.

Right better get on with it, it will not cook itself.

Then I intend to go into the garden for a little while and do a little more sorting before descending into the kitchen again.

Catch up later on.



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