Saturday, 5 January 2019

A visit to the Freezer

It has been a grey cold day here in Peterborough and I have woken up and I am not firing on all pistons so what I had planned to do did not get done but I am going to be in the kitchen shortly baking the scones and some bread buns and also making the Lasagna and bread and butter pudding.

OH did his overtime and as planned by me but unknown to him I put the remains of last night's tea together and had it ready for when he came in.  He has demolished it.  I do not think he expected anything.  He is now having a nap and I shall wake him shortly as I need some help from him.

Now that Christmas has come and gone we are now back into routine of going shopping in the freezer for something for dinner tomorrow.  I know that there are a couple of legs of lamb in there so I am thinking one of those would make a very good Sunday meal stuffed with garlic and then like I did last time we had lamb make a Shepherd's pie with the remains and some mashed potato.  I have plenty of veg in at the moment apart from peas so may well have to get some as I like them with my roast lamb and mint sauce and jelly.  The remaining pots of Carrot and Swede crush have been put in the freezer.

I will leave OH for a little while before I disturb him he has been up early every day so far so a cat nap will not do him any harm.

So I had better get a bit of a wriggle on as I have quite a lot to do.

Catch you soon.




  1. The lamb stuffed with garlic sounds yummy, but not something Keith would eat (he HATES garlic!) Have fun with your baking too.

  2. Garlic is something you love or hate like Marmite. Its also nice with the red wine and garlic! I just love it. Its now very cold outside and having just been in the freezer I am starting to defrost. Have liberated all sorts of goodies from the freezer for eating this week. I just hope I do them justice. A few more weeks and both the freezers will be emptied and I can strip them out defrost them and start all over again. Hope you have had a good day. Tricia xx

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the scones as they are our favourite goodie-cheese, fruit, treacle, apple and cinnamon, and of course plain! I love a fresh cheese scone with HM soup. At least you’ll heat up while you are baking. X

    1. Hi Catriona got waylaid yet again. Will be done tomorrow when I cook Sunday dinner and have both the ovens on for cooking during the week as well. We like scones whichever way they are made. Apple scone is particularly nice especially if you make it in a large ring and then when cooked cut it into long slices. A favourite here. Sausage rolls are as well as pastries of any kind. I have bread buns to start off tomorrow as well as OH will need them for packup on Monday and I will need some to go with the soup too. Just been sidetracked again today by other things! Such is life. Take care Tricia xx

    2. Catriona I regularly use yogurt instead of buttermilk here for muffins and also for scones. At one time you could not get buttermilk regularly and someone passed that tip on to me then. Its also very good in muffins. I regularly make my own yogurt in any event but I now have a recipe for a buttermilk, plus I have some buttermilk from the butter I made yesterday. That is going into pancakes though. xx

  4. I also look forward to seeing how the scones turn out. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but have decided that it is now time to stop 'lurking' and to comment more on the blogs that I so much enjoy, Wishing you all the best for 2019 and hope that you achieve all of your plans. Best wishes Jane

  5. Hi Jane, you are very welcome. The scones are going to be made tomorrow as I got sidetracked with other things today. Will make the most of the oven being on. Also have buns to make as well. Thank you for your good wishes for 2019. I hope its a really good year for you too. Take care Tricia xx


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