Thursday, 3 January 2019

Thursday Evening catch up

Despite best intentions on making the scones I ended up with a diversion and did not get to them so they are on the agenda for first thing tomorrow morning!  Best laid plans of mice and men etc. springs to mind.

I have been very cold and tired today - I am always tired out after mediumship sessions.  Its a matter of the body replenishing itself and I ended up falling asleep.  So none of the things I had planned to do today really got done.  It did not help that the boiler would not come on.  I hadn't twigged that it had run out of gas!  We are on a prepayment card for both the electric and the gas.  We have been done badly in the past through no fault of our own and ended up with a lot of debt as a result.  So these days we prefer to use this method for the time being as we can work out usually how much we need to put on a month for what we want to do although the usage is always heavier in the winter months.  So I waited on OH coming home to sort it out.  Gas has now been topped up and we are nice and warm again.  I really wish this house had log fires I think it would make a heck of a difference to it.  One day I will get the fires and the Aga/Rayburn

We have had fried bacon, eggs, and tomatoes for tea. OH has had mushrooms and scallop potatoes on top with some bread to soak up the juices.  Has gone down very nicely. Sometimes meals like this although they are what I call quick teas just suit the mood and are good mood enhancers.  Warming and comfort food to boot.

Right will catch up tomorrow.

Take it steady - I suspect there might be a frost this way this evening it is more than cold enough.



So tomorrow will start with me making the scones I should have made today.

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