Monday, 15 March 2021

Monday Roundup

I am posting early today as I want to get stuck in on my embroidery again.

I have done some tidying and sorting out in the kitchen today.  I will have to go back into the kitchen tomorrow and hope to do so early.  Have got a lot of washing and drying sorted out as well.  Still more to do.  Bedding to sort out tomorrow so that everything is nice and clean.  I love clean bedding.

I am being good though.  Instead of carrying on, I have chosen to sit and do some embroidery on my project again.  BB I am putting my foot down with a firm hand!  As you quite rightly pointed out I need to do things that please me too.

Tea tonight has been Sirloin steak served with green peppercorn sauce, mixed side salad, coleslaw, new potatoes in butter, fried onions and mushrooms.  Was very tasty and has gone down very nicely.

Have also ordered another meat box from Stilton Butchers.  This will be delivered on Thursday so that should keep us going for another ten days or so.  Have ordered a Rolled Rib of Beef joint wise this time.  Also lamb steaks, sausage meat, Rib Eye steaks, a chicken, stewing steak, chopped chicken breast 1kg, and a couple of Gammon steaks.  Being a bit predictable with some of the things we are having, but until I can get the shed sorted and the new freezer cannot take advantage of the bulk buys which seem to be very good.  Will have to get things like bacon and sausage from another butcher.  A cooked breakfast seems to be on OH's agenda most days although I refuse to do him a cooked full English everyday.  He eats far more than me in any event.  Besides I could do with losing a little more weight.

Right am away t my embroidery.

Catch you soon.



P.S. am also on Instagram under Tarragonnthyme.


  1. My husband retired first, and when my turn came (yay!!) I told him I will make dinner every night, but I didn't want to spend my retirement standing at the stove. I do love to cook, though! I still make dinner every night, but we each fend for ourselves for breakfast and lunc; although we do offer to cook for each other once in awhile. And when I am not feeling like cooking, we go out. Although with Covid, we have not gone out for dinner for over a year!! Soon I hope.

  2. That looks a lovely meal. I am glad you are putting yourself first and getting so much pleasure from the embroidery. Life's too short to just work all the time, even when it's cooking and preserving which gives you pleasure I know.


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