Saturday, 17 February 2018

A visit to Asda

Every so often I make a trip to Asda which is not that far from where I work.  Yesterday was such a day.  I had only popped in for a look around to be honest.  I came out with some blueberries which I aim to bottle in some different shaped ball jars that I bought from Lakeland during the week, some nice bread buns, crunchy for his highness and softies for me, some different cheese an Apricot and Mango and white Stilton (which I loved really loved) and something called Bowland (this I had not seen before but is  Lancashire, apple, raisin and cinnamon cheese) so I may well have some of these in the remaining buns for mid-day). Updated to say both tried loved the Apricot and Mango.  Bowland was nice but you would not need much of it.  Very much a little bit at a time cheese (well for me at least).

I also bought three cake boxes (well large square boxes which are ideal for putting cake into) at £2 apiece.  My other ones needed replacing and at this price I could not afford not to do it.  I have also bought some kitchen shears (for cutting meat and chicken) and two new large cutting boards although I am not sure whether these are wood or bamboo!  I must say I prefer wood but I was in need of a couple of more boards and at the price they were if they only last a little while it will be a bonus.

On the same complex as the Asda store in Peterborough there is also an Iceland, a pound shop and a small selection of other shops which are all part and parcel of the Rivergate Centre which is based off what was the lower end of Bridge Street so I shall go back another day to check them out. Particularly the £ shop as this is where I usually get fruit bushes etc. for the garden.  But tomorrow is another day as they say.  It really has been a little while since I popped down there so a visit could be on for later in the week.

I could be making a quick trip To Asda again tomorrow though as I need some joints of beef and they had some nice sized pieces at a reasonable price. Need to stock up again.  Will see how things go.

Catch you soon.




  1. Asda is a shop we very rarely get to as our nearest is in Llanelli, which is somewhere we never go. It's about 25 miles from us - pretty well the same distance as Swansea. Sounds like you picked up some more kitchenalia and are stocking up the cupboards again. We are still trying to be frugal, due to outgoings being up with the purchase of the new car, so are keeping spending to a minimum and working our way through the freezer. That said, I did get a 3 for £10 fish deal from M&S this week as we had run out of fish (bar frozen kippers).

  2. Hi BB I do not get there often either even though it is literally just straight up the road from where I work. I have only been buying the odd bits that I need i.e. the chopping boards. The previous ones were white and have got badly stained which will not clean up and I cannot be doing with that. So they have been binned. The bottled blueberries are good on pancakes, in muffins, on yogurt for breakfast and they are also very good for autoimmune conditions. I have them fresh regularly but when I see an offer on I am going to stockpile some for use later on. The new ball jars I have located are ideal for this. OH is not keen on them blueberries that is but I love them. One of these pots would last me two mornings for use with yogurt for brekkie. I had seen the M & S Deal which I think is quite a good one Hope you are feeling a lot better than you were. You seem to be back to the walking again which I am pleased about for you. Did the earthquake wake you? Take care Tricia xx


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