Friday, 4 January 2019

Bargain - Making the most of that which comes your way - cream

This week's bargain for me came completely by surprise.  When I go into town I walk all the way down to our nearest Waitrose store, cut through it via the station and then into the Waitrose store.  I use the reverse of the journey to go back home.  

Today I have met with a very good friend and a put the world to rights session.  Nipped through M & S.  Bought a steak pie for tea and then come back my usual way.  Nipped through Waitrose and then spotted pots of single and double cream at 19p per pot.  Granted they are only the small pots but they should have been about £1.10 per pot.  So I have come home with 8 pots of double cream.  The use by date is for tomorrow.  

So this evening I am going to turn it into some butter.  I did not get to the scones today but will do them tomorrow.  I also have some buns to do as well so that will be a small baking session tomorrow morning. The butter should be ready for use with the scones tomorrow and I will also use a couple of pots for whipped double cream to serve with the scones and some jam as a real treat.   

I also picked up the first of the season's sprouting white broccoli.  We are going to have the steak pie I bought earlier on with some mashed potato and carrots and lashings of gravy.  That should do us for tonight's tea.  Something nice and warm after a cold day.  Tomorrow I plan on home made Lasagna and a bread and butter pudding planned for some of the Panettone my friend bought me the other day.  It will either be oranges or black cherries that will be added into the mix.  The black cherries are in the form of a pie mix.  We both like cherries but I also like orange so it will depend on which one talks to me the most tomorrow. I hope there will be some cream to go on top of it as well.  Yummy.

The cream has therefore been my bargain of the week this week.  The reduction to 19p a pot was a real bargain and to leave it on the shelf at that price would be sacrilege!

Have you had any bargains this week and if so what did you find and do with it.

Catch you soon.



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