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Panettone Vodka

I have been searching through and sorting a batch of magazine recipes and also some Waitrose booklets and leaflets going back to 2003, and by the sound of the title of this recipe I thought that I was going to have to soak slices of Panettone in vodka for a while which I thought might be a tad messy but on reading the recipe I think it is a loose term more to do with the dried mixed peel that gives this recipe its flavouring. I now a lot of people don't like mixed peel but it does add a little Je ne sais qois to the flavouring even if you do not like the texture of the mixed peel. 
 I am sorry I cannot give credit to the recipe creator as I have no name and this particular article I thought might have been taken from a book, but it would also appear not or at least no credit is given within the leaflet although it sounds like a collaboration between Smirnoff and Waitrose  It sounds interesting and it might just be made in time for Christmas this year.  The picture shown on the article would appear to give a really dark amber liquid.  It is a recipe I intend to try (if not this year which I am hoping for) and in normal circumstances I would gather what I need together gradually and this recipe uses 2 x 70cl bottles of Smirnoff Vodka  and as. the price of vodka has gone up quite a bit recently it may not be affordable this time round but I know if I don't pop the recipe down I will end up losing it - so this may be one to go back to at a later date.  The notes to the recipe state
" This Christmassy liquor is really easy to make and will make you popular with the lucky recipient.  All you need is a large plastic container and space and patience to store it while it turns into liquid gold.  Serve chilled over ice or straight from the freezer in shot glasses or pour over ice cream for an instant pud".
Takes about 15 minutes plus 3 to 4 weeks' soaking and makes just over 2 litres or 8 x 250ml bottles or jars


375g bag Waitrose Organic Mixed dried fruit
3 x 100g tubs Waitrose Glace Fruits Italian Cut mixed peel (I am not sure this is still avaialble but deduce that any good quality mixed peel would be a good substitute)
1kg light brown soft sugar
Plus an extra 150g-200g to taste
3 x 100g bags Waitrose Toasted Flaked Almonds
118ml bottle of Nielsen Massey Madagascan Vanilla Extract
2 x 70 cl bottles Smirnoff Vodka


  1. Mix together the fruit, peel, sugar, flaked almonds into a large plastic container with a lid (about 5 litres capacity).  Pour over the vanilla extract and vodka and stir well.
  2. Place a large piece of clingfilm over the top of the container then replace the lid to seal tightly and stop the alcohol from evaporating.  Store at room temperature in a cool dark place for 3 weeks to macerate (soak) stirring every three days or so to help the sugar dissolve (replacing the cling film in between each stirring session)
  3. After three weeks taste the vodka for sweetness stirring in the extra sugar if required and leaving for another week to dissolve. The liquor should have a syrupy consistency and a deep honey colour.
  4. To sterilise bottles or jars preheat the oven to 170 degrees C/Gas mark 3. Wash the bottles or jars thoroughly and rinse in boiling water. While hot place on a baking sheet in an oven and dry for 10 minutes.
  5. Strain the liquor into a large bowl through a fine sieve or large piece of fine stretched muslin (either discard the fruit here or put it up and use it as below)  Alternatively place a colander in a large bowl and strain the liquor from the fruit.  this second method will result in a less smooth liquor.  Using a funnel fill the sterilised bottles or jars to 1 cm from the top of each bottle.  Seal, label and date.  The liquor keeps well in the fridge or the freezer for up to 6 months.
"The cooks tip at the end says that the leftover soaked fruit can be added to cake or pudding recipes but use sparingly as it is very alcoholic".  
Now that is waste not want not boozy fruit.  I had an acquaintance who always used to use red wine to soak her fruits in for her Christmas cake and it make a lovely looking cake and tasty.  Might have to have a play as it may be a way of ringing the changes.
Sounds like Christmas in a glass - must try this one as I do like liqueur type drinks and there are always other alternative uses we have to find them as we go along.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your trip down memory lane. I too am aiming at living life at a slower pace though working towards that is making life even more hectic at the moment!

  2. Hi Hazel

    I aim for a simpler life and to keep myself occupied in the process. I look back from time to time remembering what family members did and a lot of it was practical and common sense based and try and incorporate bits that they did into my day to day life.Does not always work but I do try. Take care pp xx


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