Saturday, 6 August 2011

2011.08.06 My Day

Today has been a good day from the perspective that I have had an opportunity to research some other blogs which is always a pleasure for me seeing how other people portray themselves and having a small peek into their lives, so that we get a flavour of what they really are about and what they have been up to.  And there are so many lovely blogs and lovely people out of there.  Its interesting that at the end of the day we are all after a better, simpler quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones - we just achieve it all in our inimitable way and style.

I have been to the shops this afternoon, primarily to the Co-Op to pick up some essential basics like butter, vinegar etc.  I also went to the Veg shop.  They had the first of the Victoria plums at £3 per kg, maybe next week but not this.  They also had black skinned apricots which I haven't seen before.

This week however I have bought two pineapples, some chillis that have been reduced (hot ones), a tray of eggs, 3 fresh coconuts, 4kg pickling onions, three fresh corn on the cob, 6 packs of vine tomatoes, 10 lemons, coriander and some apples.  I have in mind to do some apple and chilli jelly, pineapple and coriander relish, the first of the pickled onions, blackberry vinegar, chilli vinegar, mint and apple jelly, Sage Apple and Vintage Cider Sauce, some pickled eggs, blackberry and apple sorbet for the freezer, Hot Hedgerow chutney and Lemon Curd.  I also intend to make some more passata as well as some blackberry curd as well as the produce from the foraging expedition I have planned for early tomorrow morning (if the weather is okay).

I have also been researching alternative home made cleaning products and have started off a lemon cleaning liquid as per Just like my Nan Made at

I have started this today using the peels off some older lemons that I have.  It is currently sitting in my kitchen window and I will add peels as and when they become available and I will see how things go and whether I am pleased with the cleaning results.  Will update at a later point and I am also going to investigate other methods of green cleaning. in the next few weeks too and perhaps put some of them into use.  The oven needs a good clean so maybe will start with that.

Tomorrow we are going to my mums for lunch and no doubt will spend the afternoon with her.

Take care everyone.

Will catch up soon




  1. I am anxious to see how the lemon cleaner works. Sounds like a fun experiement.

  2. I like the sound of this one :o) I use white vinegar, lemons and bicarb for such a lot of cleaning jobs as I really don't like chemicals, and I know that the orange cleaner is good as I used to buy it (hint, don't put it on top of the stairs and knock it down the stairs...the container breaks and the contents ruin your stair carpet - don't ask how I know!) I've got some wide necked bottles and plenty of vinegar, looks like I'm buying some more citrus fruit today :o)
    Hope you have a good day :o)
    Rose H


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