Friday, 13 July 2018

Following on from my earlier post

I nipped to Dunhelm earlier on this afternoon and ended up bringing a couple of bits and bobs back including a freestanding caddy for the bathroom revamp, some shells, (for decorating a large mirror for the bathroom  - yet to be found) a stone heart decoration and a couple of more throws (for the dining room).  I have seen some fabric in Dunhelm which I quite have my eye on for the kitchen or the dining room - most of the kitchen stuff has been sourced in green and white, and so I think it could end up in the dining room I am sort of musing yellows, greens in there.  The jury is still out though.

Three tier bathroom caddy floor standing

A variety of mixed shells for using to decorate a large mirror and then varnishing.

The stone pebble heart.

The shells again

A couple of more throws this time in a lovely Gold yellow official colour is Ochre.

A couple of faux electric lanterns

It would seem that Ercol furniture is very much back in fashion again.  I went into town this afternoon actually heading for Wilco but I did not get there before they closed but ended up in John Lewis and espied this furniture which closely resembled Ercol, and on closer investigation is a new twist on the Ercol furniture of the sixties.

Here is the new Ercol dining table current price for new piece £719.20

Single chair £229.00.

Armchair £299.00

Ercol Shalstone Dining Bench £499.00

All of it is very lovely but jolly well expensive.  Far cheaper I think to source the vintage version with a bit more soul.

Whilst in John Lewis I decided to treat myself to a pot of tea and a piece of cake.  When I went in there the other day I had a piece of cake and pot of tea and the cake was lovely.  A sponge cake filled with jam and cream and covered in icing and dried strawberry pieces it was lush.  Today I remembered to take a photograph.  The dried strawberries had an awful lot of flavour, gave a different texture and was totally delightful served like this.

There were a couple of bits and bobs as well from Dunhelm, including a whole raft of wooden coat hangers as I seem to have run out of them again.

I have also bought some strips for putting on the edge of the oven shelves which are supposed to stop people burning themselves - something which I am frequently doing so I hope that they work as I am getting a tad fed up with burning myself.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch up with you all soon.



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