Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year's Day

Has been a lovely relaxing day where we have just chilled out.  It has been overcast for the best part of the day today and chilly here in Peterborough.  I have been sorting through some more books.  Some of them crafting some of them cooking.  I really appreciate to look at my books at times like these and in this way as I always find something different every time I do.

Then a trip down memory lane as Walt Disney's The Jungle Book was on TV.  It was a particular family favourite - my Dad really used to enjoy this particular one and the music but then he was a fan of Rudyard Kipling.

Later, we had to put the heating on as I ended up having a Raynaud's attack losing the circulation in both hands with them going white.  Happened as I was starting to cook tea and when I was trying to use a very sharp knife so OH took over on that part and then on went the heating.

We had the Moules Mariniere prepared with cider a little water garlic and butter.  I had bought two nets yesterday and I washed and sorted the mussels before putting them in a pan with the ingredients mentioned and then cooked them.

We are a bit uncouth when eating mussels as we always have a big pot in which to put the emptied shells but I also serve the mussels up into the Mason Cash porcelain bowls the size you use for a Christmas pudding. We use the Mussels as a meal in themselves. I served with slices of French baguette with butter on and it went down a treat.  The Mussels were tender and sweet and we both enjoyed them.  We did not fancy anything else afterwards as we were both full.  So the pate may well be used tomorrow.  It is a coarser textured pate a Pate de Campagna and it looks lovely.

I am going to have to start to be a bit more structured with meals and am considering starting meal-planning which is something I do not normally do.  However more on that at a later date.

Hope everyone else has had a super first day to the New Year.

Catch you soon.



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